i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends (96)

a majority of the karens all over the forests have been acting like ghetto filth.
this lock down has been stressing them tf out.
being at home with their husbands all day has been absolute hell.
not to mention the kids!
she only saw them a couple hours a day,
but they’re everywhere now.
mama can’t enjoy her bottle of asti spumante in peace.
this karen thought it was in her best interest to cough on someone in public

i don’t condone hitting vixens,
but that demon would have gotten a vicious hot slap.
she is using her throat muscles as a weapon and you were in fear for your life.

it baffles me how privileged some white women act when they don’t get their way.
this one was mad she couldn’t shop in a store without a mask:

I can’t let you in here without a mask on.
it’s company policy and stat…”

this one is overwhelmed because her husband said he’s tired of the chicken being so dry:

imagine a black vixen doing the following to someone with a badge:

she would have been hog tied and put in the back of the police car.

low-key: this isn’t a karen,
but this “bob” got these two fed-ex drivers fired for this incident…

he out there filming like an idiot,
but i’m excited to get my damn packages on time cause fed ex can be a mess.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends (96)”

  1. Yeah..Karen wouldve been slapped…but did you see the ass on the Florida officer? ..back on topic…

    The feeling that the rules dont apply to them is astonishing to me. Somebody would’ve been slapped off their high horse and treated like the bad bitch they thought they were that day.

    1. ^the amount of privilege they have is ridiculous.

      i love when black folks pull out their “karen” wigs and ask for the manager tho.
      my mother was an expert at that and even tho i use to hate it,
      i understand why she did it now.

  2. These white ppl are funny asf using the coughing as a weapon or supernatural power of sort that didn’t even cost them a dime, who would of though. That store manager did every thing right even offer to shop for her and I bet he probably wouldn’t have charged her and I’ve seen ppl complain and get stuff free as if it was a career. I hope she knows about delivery apps.

  3. This whole post pissed me off!! The amount of inconsideration, not only for others health, but peoples position of authority baffles me. White ppl have such a sense of entitlement, like they’re above everyone and everything😒

  4. The Whites are at it again but so are the “bruthas and sistas”. I saw an article a while back about a black fam of three who got charged for shooting a black security guard in the head. This incident all got started because the guard said they couldn’t enter the store unless they had on a mask…. Imagine that…

    I’ve dealt with White people like those in the article before. They really aren’t anything special and can be easily ignored. If you are one of those Blacks who get angry real quick and pop off at the mouth, you are easy pickings.

    I went on a trip to Arkansas, made a stop before going to Little Rock, there are lots of Karens and Kens all over the place. They don’t say anything to ya but they watch you like a wolf watching a chicken and they all stick together.

    All they need is a whip.

  5. Their privilege and sense of entitlement on full display.

    Our life would’ve been in jeopardy as soon as the color of our skin was revealed.

    Sad this has been the reality for many of US most of our existence and our parents and our grandparents and our great grandparents and on & on.

  6. Lol isn’t something there used now she has a condition so stay at home bitch dont like these pigs really think there better than sad

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