I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (14)


when the shoes come off…

“The redhead disapproved of White Pants using her son as a placeholder in line while she sat. She claimed that the child wasn’t conducting business, therefore was not “really in line” and White Pants should go to the back of what was a 20-min line. They argued about it for a while, the whole time Red-Head was being super aggressive and brave. “We will see about that!’ “Oh yeah, we sure will.” At the first chance, Red-Head proceeded to the next available agent. White Pants followed her up, they argued, Red Head got extremely brave, pushing White Pants, and then it got REAL!!! รขโ‚ฌโ€ at Comcast Customer Service Center – ABQ.” – RowdyJoe


she had the nerve to kick her too.
redhead couldn’t handle those fists of fury.
she was twirling redhead around like a tornado.

…with the shades on.
i died a slow death at “uh… uh… *screaming*”.
auntie gave her enough head start to run.

13 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (14)

  1. LOL

    Sometimes you gotta bop a bitch, especially after they put their hands on you.

    Say whatever you want, but don’t spit on me or put your hands on me.

    There will be blood.

  2. LMAO….What got me was, Becky saw her taking off her shoes and she stood right there. Her as was going every which way.

    1. Ok that was the give away …homegirl kick them shoes off…she weren’t wearing no earrings…I was at the car dealers laughing my ass off….just got me the 2door g37 infinity coupe…..game on:)

      1. Dude…anytime:)…changing my clothes…time too cruise…I live in Seattle though…sad face no brothers…if you know what I mean

      2. Hey Mr. Jamari,
        You’re awesome…. If you want too know whose following you…check out my movie on Netflix…it’s called Hollow…hint I’m the bad guy:) ..

  3. Lmao my homeboy sent me this today!!! Bebe she kicked off them shoes and got all in her ass lmao!!!!

      1. Me too Jamari!!! Did the white chick think nothing was gonna happen after she kicked her. Plus the white chick started the whole mess in my Kevin Heart voice ” she gone learn today”

  4. chi—- Becky got bold as shit but she must didn’t read the last page of the manual of ‘Don’t Make A Sista Mad’. When those shoes come off…Ms. Debra gave her a two piece with a biscuit! Poor thang…

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