I Got Turned Out All The Way Until 5AM Last Night

tumblr_mtqallpf1F1qjqy8to1_500and loved every minute of it!!!
so i finally watched american horror story: coven.
everyone in my emails and on twitter kept telling me to watch.
i won’t lie,
but i was a little scared.
angela bassett.
kathy bates.
jessica lange.
well i fuckin’ loved them and it.
i loved every minute of this show.
me and my straight wolf friend stayed up on the phone last night watching.
we watched every episode until 5am.
me being a double OG since he fell asleep.
you know a show is good when the episode ends and you say:

“wait that’s it?????”
“MOAR!!!!! NEXT EPISODE!!!!!!”
“did you see that shit??????”
“um… ew much.”

Fiona and madame laveau are my low key spirit animals.
thats all ima say.
i want you guys to check out the first two episodes

x watch episode 1

x watch episode 2

…and give me your thoughts!
american horror story: coven comes on every wednesday at 10pm on fx.

Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “I Got Turned Out All The Way Until 5AM Last Night”

  1. I also am obsessed with that show. And I can’t wait for it tonight because Precious and Angela are going to meet and I am really curious to learn a little bit more from Precious history and ancestors that probably connects to Angela.

      1. Hell yea it is! But I gotta know if Angela is going to kill Precious or make her an ally? Cause Remember Angela order Cordelia’s ex boyfriend to cut off all the witches’ heads, but the thing is I remember when Angela was talking to Fiona in the salon about how the great voodoo priestess is the one who taught the Salem Witches how to use magic and I remember Precious said she was a descendant of the voodoo priestess I think.

  2. Amazing Show, I love how it highlights my hometown. I just want to know what’s going to happen to the witch that burned. She was at the right place but definitely at the wrong time.

  3. J where have you been, best show on tv right now it trumps The walking dead as this shit just keeps getting better each episode

  4. I like this show a lot too even though the last few episodes haven’t been spectacular.

    I hope Precious loses some weight though.

    1. Hey Jamari! Thank you sooo much forr posting this! Do you happen to have a link for episode 4? I’m kinda hooked..lol

  5. I’m so glad you got into this show me and my sister watch it together and love it. I love Fiona and Angela’s character

  6. I just got put on this season. The storyline and characters change every season. But did you see how Angela mobbed on Cordelia’s husban. “when I plant a fat ass cracker bitch, I expect her to stay planted. not come up like damn rag weed!”

  7. This is the best season ! Angela & Kathy are playing the fuck outta these parts. & being from New Orleans I love it even more lol

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