I Got Turned Out All The Way Until 5AM Last Night

tumblr_mtqallpf1F1qjqy8to1_500and loved every minute of it!!!
so i finally watched american horror story: coven.
everyone in my emails and on twitter kept telling me to watch.
i won’t lie,
but i was a little scared.
angela bassett.
kathy bates.
jessica lange.
well i fuckin’ loved them and it.
i loved every minute of this show.
me and my straight wolf friend stayed up on the phone last night watching.
we watched every episode until 5am.
me being a double OG since he fell asleep.
you know a show is good when the episode ends and you say:

“wait that’s it?????”
“MOAR!!!!! NEXT EPISODE!!!!!!”
“did you see that shit??????”
“um… ew much.”

Fiona and madame laveau are my low key spirit animals.
thats all ima say.
i want you guys to check out the first two episodes

x watch episode 1

x watch episode 2

…and give me your thoughts!
american horror story: coven comes on every wednesday at 10pm on fx.