i didn’t get in with stanford (and now i have to watch someone else get accepted)

imagine that you wanted to get into stanford.
from your gpa and transcripts,
there is nothing that says you can’t get into that college.
you went on a college tour and you liked everything about it.
not only that,
it would look good for future jobs and careers.
so you send in your application and you wait.
you get a response back and…

You didn’t get in.

you’re devastated.
i know.
i know.
it fuckin’ sucks.
bad enough,
someone else gets stanford and is letting everyone know.
*start the 5 stages of grief and GO*
everyone tells you it wasn’t meant for you and “something better is on the way“,
but you don’t want to hear that shit at the moment.
you wanted stanford!

as you go through other letters,
you see you got accepted to another prestigious college.


fast forward,
you attend howard and experience the best four years of your entire life.

i wrote this because i know a “howard” is coming in my life,
but i really wanted “stanford”.
i’m not talmbout college btw.
he was everything that i desired.
that thought of him made me rage in sexual desire.
someone else got stanford and it devastated me.
bad enough,
you get to see the person who got stanford all over social media.

i’m much better than the person who got stanford.
i reallllllllly wanted stanford,
but i don’t think stanford wanted me (?).
it sucks,
it really does.

i’m sure when horward comes,
i’ll forget all about stanford.
we tend to have these moments until someone else comes to distract us.
it’s the “right now” that sucks.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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