How To Observe From The Sidelines: The Liar Liar Story

tumblr_inline_n3em8j7tXJ1r761cwyou never know who is watching you.
you may think people aren’t,
but they may just be.
that ass you thought you were peepin on the low…
well someone saw that.
you just never know when they will bring it up in your face.
liar liar has also been doing some observation of her own…

today i started packing up to leave early.
thing 2 and liar liar were talking at her desk.
thing 2 looks at me and says:

“where you going so early?”

and i said:

“i’m just getting myself ready because i’m gonna run outta here…”

in which liar liar chimed in:

“i don’t know why.
you gonna wait for work wolf for like a half hour so you both can leave together.”

yes she did.
i was thrown off by her comment.
so was thing 2.
with both eyes on me,
i said:

“yeah he take the same train as me.”

i guess she has been paying attention.
good for her.
the walls definitely have eyes.
so a little while later,
i texted work wolf and told him:

“why is that any of her business?”

“i don’t know,
but she really pissed me off with that comment.”

“don’t even worry about it.
she been extra friendly and shit.
i think she wants me again.
she trying to get me to chill tomorrow night.”

i was a little vex i was now hearing this…

“you gonna go?”


“you think you gonna fuck if you do?”


i had a hard time believing it.
suddenly she now wants to chill?
she saw us and got jealous?
he told me how pissed she was when she found out about new vixen.
she told him he belongs to her.
like bitch you already got a wolf in the mailroom.
i guess i’m patiently waiting for them to do it.
plus he is a wolf and she is a hoe.
what do you expect?
tumblr_nl6ld5Ot0p1tauoudo1_500 he told me he isn’t checkin for her like that anymore.
he thinks she is nasty and is peepin’ her game.
i don’t know what to believe.
i ended up telling him to chill on walking with me after work.
he agreed.
we didn’t walk to the train together today.
i couldn’t help but wonder if she is back in his peripherals again?
i know they were working together,
but did that reconnect them again?
will i lose him to her hoish ass?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

34 thoughts on “How To Observe From The Sidelines: The Liar Liar Story”

  1. Liar is territorial. I told you they know you are gay lol. They been scoping you out for a minute.

  2. Don’t do that. Don’t let her dictate your actions. Not walking together after work would “intrigue” her even more…so don’t give her the fuel for her fire, you know?!
    I said it before and I’ll say it again…you’re a better man than me! I would’ve told her quite bluntly what concern is it of hers who I walk out the door with after work? I have NO qualms about shutting someone down if they’re all up in MY business, boss or no boss.
    One of my good friends left our department to go work in another, and no sooner was he out the door, they started talking madd shyt about him. I told them, not cool. So we had a staff meeting the other day, and once again they tried to throw him under the bus, so I said boy we turned on our former coworker rather quickly, huh? They started to say oh no, it’s not like that. Ok…if it’s not like that, why are we minimizing the great job he did AND here’s a thought, did anyone ever think that maybe he got tired of the BS we have to deal with here in the office and that’s why he left? You could’ve heard a pin drop. LOL
    Oh you’re taking it out of context. Really? How so? (Crickets) I said NOT cool at all, folks.
    Afterwards, one of my coworkers came up to me at my desk and said you need to be careful what you say. I said, no I don’t have to be careful. I’m not going to sit there and let them tarnish the name and reputation of someone who was an “excellent employee” (their words) while he worked in the department, but he decides to leave, and all of a sudden he was this horrible employee?

    1. Gotta love how many times my computer deletes my comments lol! …

      I am with Christian on this one! Why is she allowed to talk to talk to you like that?
      It’s time to shut her down Jamari, you’ve been there long enough. I don’t see any reason to be afraid of her. I don’t have patience for passive aggressive people. Just say what you’re going to say if you’re going to put the energy to be passive aggressive and “throw shade”. I’m not about that childishness.
      If you don’t like me, that’s fine, just stay your ass “over there” (as in, not around me) and stay out of my conversations!
      This needs to end. Its beyond the point of reason. Boss or not.
      She won’t stop until you put an end to it Jamari! Its up to you!

    2. I totally agree with you Christian. That comment she made showed that she was warm across the top and green with envy. Don’t allow her to affect the friendship you have with the wolf. Continue what you’re doing, but change it up a little, don’t be a creature of habit. Now that you know she’s a lil’ pressed, keep her like she’s in the ballet, always on her toes..

      1. @Del365 & Dignified…EXACTLY! Don’t let the witch see that her comments affect you and change your behavior.
        Me, if she was in the area and it was time to leave…I’d be sly enough to say loud enough, “gotta bounce, my homeboy is waiting for me downstairs”.
        See if you fuck with me, I”m gonna give it to YOU just as well as you try to give it to me. You can only be the better person for so long. Trust me, I’ve tried with my co-workers. You want to come out of your mouth with some BS….you best come correct with it. See, a lot of supervisors say and do things because they KNOW most people won’t say anything back. It can be done in a tasteful manner, or it can be done in a manner where they will see that they can’t say what they want to you. I TRY to hold my tongue, but then they get to a point where they have to be put in check, so to speak. It’s like OK, you’ve overstepped your boundary, so I’m going to let you know that you may get away with that with other folks around her…but it’s not gonna happen with me. Please watch what you say to me and how you say it.
        And another thing…technology is your friend when it comes to the treacherous ones! If you carry your phone with you, and you know you have a meeting or a discussion with that kind of person, put on that recorder! It’s amazing what people will say and do when they are behind closed doors.
        Don’t give that chick power over you, J. Keep doing you…because it evidently bothers her.

        1. That was Everything right there Christian!! Yes, I totally agree especially the recording part. I learned that one from a friend who takes it a step further to log all situations into a book he brings with him to work. Date, time, what transpired, what was one wearing..the whole kit and kaboodle!

      2. Christian, I love reading your posts! Its uncanny how similar we react to situations, its identical. I would love to meet someone like you! LOL! I have stories exactly like what you just said its crazy!

        I’m EXACTLY like that! Like I’d go out of my way to say something sly back! Why? Because its just as fun for me as it is for them, but get this, I’m better at it.

        I like the direct approach: “Are you lost? Because no one here looking for your opinion” my general favourite is: “Who asked you?” or a straight up “Excuse me?” “Want to try that again?” or ” Don’t talk to me like that. I don’t care who else accepts it, you just won’t be talking to ME like that! Are we clear?” << I'm being dead serious.

        You'd be surprised at how it scares people when you're that upfront lol! I'm usually known to be all smiles but my voice and facial expressions change drastically when I'm serious about something so people know I am not playing, and once my blood gets hot, they won't ever get me to shut up! I'll make sure they don't try that ish with me again!

        ^ That whole scenario is when I've had enough and i'm putting my damn foot down. I usually just say my bit and that's the end of that. Drama and passive aggressive behaviour just needs to get shut down. Can't have it going on forever, I just won't have it.

        Jamari, you were right about how you handled it though, there's no point in even giving her that much attention anyway. that used up cumdump isnt even worth it. You definitely have more patience than me! I agree witht he others keep doing you, don't change because of anything she says, just keep doing your thing! She's trying to ruin a good thing for you! This friendship is yours, and its none of her business.

  3. Nooo! This bitch better not fuck shit up. She is a whore dat needs to be dealt with. If he chill wit her u know she gon talk shit bout u, u def gon come up. For that maggot mouth hoe to say what she said she def know bout you. She def gon probe him for info on u. Also u know wolves might not care bout the hoe but they wont pass up on free pussy. Just be cool u def gon find out how loyal he is with this.

  4. Where she at?….I wanna fight her.

    Keep it short and cute with people you don’t click with jamari. They going to SAY WHATEVER no matter if you supply the information or whether you confirm or deny anything. Let them hoes talk. You obviously doing something right!

      1. ^J, I don’t like folks up in my business either. That’s a line not to cross.
        So when they try to make sly comments, I just let them know that they got the wrong one. I’m not up in your business, so stay out of mine.

  5. Ugh I forgot about this bitch .

    I want to say put your trust in work wolf you guys have been through so much especially with you telling him about yourself. I know you don’t how to feel because even though he seems to know that she crazy I’m sure if push came to shove he ain’t turning down her kitty kat.

    Just see how this plays out I agree with The Man at this point she knows you like men, and she’s gonna try to bring us friendship again in the open, just keep brushing her aside like you’ve been doing.

  6. Jamari I would of shut that little bitch Liar Liar down so fast. I mean damn this chick is really a hoe, isn’t the mailroom dude married anyway. If she tries to say things about you guys around work, you need to tell human resources. I can already see this is gonna be a mess, I hope work wolf got balls to say f**k her and just continue to be cool with you.

  7. Lol you should know better. When talking to someone you don’t like you have to be prepared for everything. You responded well to that mess. I don’t respond well to that passive aggressive BS especially when people want to take shots and i’m just in my own corner and minding my business. That enough to make some people go from 0 to 100 really quick.

  8. Jamari, Liar Liar is not your competition. She’s a woman with a pussy; Work Wolf is a straight man who likes pussy. Yes, you have feelings for him, but he has shown you he likes as much pussy as he can get. You don’t have a pussy. His acceptance of your sexuality and appreciation of your fashion tips does not mean he is a viable candidate to be your dream wolf, even if he should tap your ass; he still likes pussy, the sole province of women.

    Since people talk and are smarter than we think, presume everybody at your job not only knows about you but have known about you since you have been there. The good news: it hasn’t really mattered. Case in point: Work Wolf told you he knew and it didn’t stop him from talking with you.

    The good news: the world has not come to an end since you have come to realize over the past week that they know about you and have known about you. We often delude ourselves. By the way, straight dudes gossip as much, if not more than women and gay dudes; suffice it to say you have been a subject of conversation among the mailroom crew.

    What now? Since you’d like some real intimacy and sexual feeling with more than your own hand, consider venturing out to gay settings. Most in your desired industry are gay anyway. And, there are various strata of gay men who would love to connect and partner with you. I am not talking about jackels. I’m talking about men of means who don’t even come in contact with low life. Many of these men may not be professional athletes, but their professional incomes and gym memberships give them the body types you desire. And, these men don’t wave flags; they are discreet yet affirming in their sexuality, so you won’t have to wonder “is he or isn’t he?”

    You’ve come a long way these past few days. You have crossed a major milestone in your life by affirming for Work Wolf what he already knew about you. Now, it’s time to make yourself available for a wolf who will not only turn you out but will provide the companionship and support you deserve. Give it some thought.

    1. ^thanks oh.
      you are definitely right on a lot of those things in this comment.
      it’s like these last few days,
      especially with mi,
      have been really rough for me.
      it’s like im being tested or something.
      hell I maybe doing too much.
      I don’t even know anymore.

      1. Trust me; we all get tested, even old heads:). We either go under or get stronger as a result of the trials and obstacles thrown our way. I have been there, and I can tell you are getting stronger and stronger. You might not see it yet; you’ll have to trust me again. I can see it and I’m in your corner.

    2. I wish we could “LIKE” posts (Make it happen J lol). This comment is EXACTLY what I was thinking Old Head. You were reading my mind. Best advice.

      Please heed his advice Jamari. You deserve BETTER than all of this nonsense you’re going through. Do it for yourself!

    3. I love this OH! Nailed it!

      But how do we go about doing this? Where do we find these guys? How do we be available for them or get on their radar? That’s exactly what I’m looking for I just don’t know where to start! Any tips?

    4. Note to people on this blog. This is how give constructive criticism and great advice. Oftentimes on this blog it seems as though your being attacked for feeling your feelings about work wolf.

      This comment proves that folks are capable to tell someone to get a grip in a firm and STILL KIND way.

      1. ^Uh, D112…I think there are maybe two or three people who do that, the rest are pretty much supportive.

  9. Eh, you should’ve assumed she was watching you and him anyway. People have tons of time in office settings to observe and be nosey.

    She made that comment purely to test your reaction. Any pause or appearance of discomfort gives her the reaction she wants. Your response could’ve been “Yeah that’s the homie we take the same train”.

    You cannot allow yourself to care whether he smashes her or not. He could’ve already done it for all you know and hasn’t told you. Not your lane! At the same time you shouldn’t feel the need to distance yourself from him or do anything different because it makes you look guilty. Thats no different than him treating you different because you like men.

  10. Yeah I would of still walked with work wolf. You switching up made it obvious that you made him aware of the conversation. I like the way you and work wold friendship is growning. I still say becareful with him. The traits he showed in the beginning was not quite admirable. They are definitely going to sex. He probably won’t tell you though.

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