Soooooo Squats Do This?

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.43.11 PMyou know i love me some nathaniel noir.
he always said squats gave him this

….aaannnnddddddddd i will be doing 100 every night here on out.
those bunz are:

deeper-brown-thumbs-up-signlowkey: in my head,
he has a baller wolf in the wings.

thats premium cake.
it should only be served to premium pipe.

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Author: jamari fox

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28 thoughts on “Soooooo Squats Do This?

  1. Make sure you do it with weights tho cause squats w/out weights will actually shrink your butt. And bridges are pretty good too because it really focus on your ass

  2. Sorry Jamari but I’ve been looking at his pics of late and something about it doesn’t seem to be authentic. ..something about the proportions I dunno. ..

    1. I’ll be the first one to call his ass fake if I thought so, but since I’ve seen his videos I think his body and almost unbelievable shape is the result of good genetics, healthy eating, and especially resistance training with the bands he uses.

      Resistance training will get you ripped as hell. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a dancer of some sort too.

      1. You can’t get a butt that big from resistance bands, not possible. He obviously had work done. His butt came out of nowhere & is does not move in any of his workouts even when he jumps. But look at Calem West, now that’s a real butt. It moves & giggles in his videos and he shows you progress pictures.

  3. As much as I love Nathaniel, I’ve always been waiting to point your attention to this guy…

    Bodies by CW. I saw him by happenstance on tumblr and found his instagram through there. His ass is just, SOOOO perfect for his frame. And he spends like dozens of tutorials teaching you his routine and shows his progress. Watching that jiggle in vine video repeat format is just amazing.

    This one specifically

    Sorry, I’m not usually this thirsty. But it had to be said!

      1. Follow his routine. He shows his six month and one year progress and he does it 4 days a week approximately. How he looks now from where he started is his work in just the past year.

        Start now, and invest in your penthouse apartment/ Baller wolf today! 😉

    1. YES! I’ve known about CW for awhile he had the best videos out there for building a bigger butt.

      P.S. I also hear that adding Maca Root and protein shakes helps as well, but be careful with the Maca it also gives high sex drive.

    2. WOW! I’m jealous and I want a piece of his ass at the same time damn! That made me hot! CW dude has the body I’m aiming for. And god if I had a man with an ass like that!
      Well if we both had bodies like that we’d be some happy brothas! LMAO!
      My god, if I saw that in real life I think I’d re-question what the purpose of life is LOL! damn!
      I like Nathaniel, but Nathaniel who?

  4. Well… Hmm now thats some ass lol! Him and calem west is running and neck in the ass department for sure man I bet straight men can’t stand them lmao! They are a straight mans worse nightmare shit I don’t have a dick and my dick hard so you know that’s a bad mother shut cho mouf!

  5. something about his proportions seem off to me. A big ass usually comes with other things(big hamstrings,quads, etc) He’s very lean but yet has this giant ass. I’m leaning towards the ass shot theory. You know the girls love to go get pumped then take hella exercise pics to pass it off as hard work and dedication. Sorry Im not buying it.

  6. Slim dudes don’t have to do tons of cardio to keep fat off like me.

    If you don’t want to build big bulky muscles just get those bands. Id say his physique was impossible too but I’ve seen how those dudes with his body type workout. Light weight and high reps.

    I say all this to say…Id marry this man. Lol

    I typically don’t even care about gay marriage but give me a poster with him on it and Id be marching lol

    The Id marry the cwbodies dude too. Lol

    1. You can keep Nathaniel. Mr. CW is doing something to me. 😉 We would have to fight for that one! LOL

  7. Mr. CW…DAYUMM…you know your body is a problem when you have to wear a mask to make exercise videos lol and i bet mr cw is str8 too…but nathaniel idk if his are real but he’s still sexy but to each his own…i have seen guys with his type of physique before though

  8. People actually work out and achieve great bodies. I gained weight last spring and went from 185 back down to 165 in 35 days last summer. Haters will say I did drugs, took pills, or even go far as to say I’m sick, nah I did the work. Worked out maybe 7 times and on average ate 1300 calories a day. I lost 3 to 4 pounds a week. Body is more cut and the jawline loved it lol. If your love for food is stronger than the love for your body you will not see results regarding weight loss or muscle gain for that matter. Some of y’all ain’t never been in a gym in your life and want to tell someone about their body. SMH. The gym works, but it takes time. How bad you want it is key.

    Nathaniel is bae. I’d cuff his lil cute ass.

      1. You guys can fight for Nathaniel! Calem is MINE! The Man def wants Nathaniel so you got your work cut out for you JAY! But you guys can’t have both so Calem is mine! I’ll grab my popcorn though! Nathaniel is cute though, but Calem West got me hypnotized LOL!

        I think that’s fair, no?

  9. but upon further investigation on Nathaniels page he’s shaped like a woman, hour glass frame…i know plenty of men who work out, short and tall and are buff and may even have a phat ass but they’re not curvy and shaped like a woman..i’ve even shown some of his pics too my friend who’s short and lives in the gym and the first thing he said was those are injections or silicone….the only brothas i know who have hour glass frame or coca cola bottle shapes or thick bttms or t-girls…idk his bttm doesnt fit his body…#justsaying it looks like nicki minajs body, top body, slim waist and ass and hips…idk these days everyone and their moms are getting ass implants… to each his own though

    1. Genetics man. Some men honestly get hips from their mother or the women in their family. I have cousins like that.

      There’s this older dude in my gym that looks like he could be nathaniels father. Short and stacked and he does headstands too. Had me weak lol

  10. Plenty dudes have big butts, even curvy frames, but his proportions are rare even for a woman. Plus, for a person who is purposefully showing his ass, and promoting fitness, and always post pics, where’s the before and after of that booty? He has shown his physical transformation but not to the backside. He def deserves credit for working out and nutrition, but that doesn’t stop someone from getting a nip, tuck, or enhancement. Hell Kim K legitimately worksouts too. IG gives him much attention, and now all of a sudden his business is fitness. Of course he would never admit to taking an easy route. And, What happend to his designing? Certified trainer or not, he would have hit the jackpot long time ago in fitness when he realized he had a formula that actually worked to get shaped like that. And, as I see more gay guys with larger than average butts than straight and average frame dudes, the more skeptical I’ve become they are real. If it is real his workout wont get you what he got, cus his chromosomes are unique. He is on IG for the attention, and his cakes are giving a good return on investment. IG is full of stunt queens even if they give the impression they keep it 100.

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