I Hope Teyana Taylor Lands Feet First In The Shark Infested Waters

Chris Brown's 19th birthday celebration( x this beef ) with teyana taylor and rihanna has gone overboard.
well the navy,
rihanna’s stan fan base,
is making teyana walk the plank.
they have a petition to have teyana removed from reebok.
shit just for real…

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In retaliation to an image posted by Rihanna during their spat here, Teyana posted a photo shopped image of her face superimposed on that of a boxer’s, punching an image of Rihanna’s face snapped shortly after she had been assaulted by Pop star Chris Brown back in 2009.

It’s this image, that has seen web users take to Change.Org to sign a petition launched to see  AdidasReebok cut all ties with the ‘Google Me’ maestra, citing her decision to mock/ trivialise domestic abuse as grounds for their concern.

Now available to read and sign here, the petition has now garnered over 1,000 votes across the globe- with some of its endorsers telephoning Canton, Massachusetts head quarters to ensure their voices on the controversial matter are heard.

teyana ultimately lost.
this about to fuck up ya bread.
i already kmnew the cards rihanna was gonna deal.
“get the other mofo to come out of character”.
rihanna said what she had to say,
even tho she wasn’t any better with her catty ass,
but teyana was in her feelings.
an hour later and she is still going on.
today she on hot97 talking about it.
plus teyana dont have a fan base to fight for her.
like ma you can’t let people get to you like this.
that photoshopped picture was crossing the line.
god forbid she decides to put dem paws on rihanna.
let this be a lesson to everyone.
people set traps for you to fall in.
learn to pick your battles wisely.

lowkey: teyana acting like she still in harlem.
i would have been promoting my music and sneakers with that free pr.

story found: the grape juice
x check out petition

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “I Hope Teyana Taylor Lands Feet First In The Shark Infested Waters”

  1. I’m part of the RiRi navy and i can honestly say i’m not feeling Riri anymore her antics are old, i’m tired of her corny, ass kissing friend Melissa i’m tired of her acting stupid and etc..you claim you’re the bad bitch and you claim on your top then why are you attacking people who, career wise DON’T matter. girls who don’t even hold a candle to you professionally. she’s not going after women who are successful like alicia keys, jill scott or Gaga…now Rihanna’s nut ass fans wanna get a petition started?!?! with the way Rihanna talks they better be lucky she didn’t get her ass beat on the street she’s going too far. i just feel it’s hypocritical to conduct yourself in such a child-like manner then act classy when someone fires back…Rihanna go take a break and make some groundbreaking music because your 15 mins of fame is quickly approaching it’s end….

  2. Damn Teyana why did you fall in her trap? Silence is golden. People get angry when you ignore them. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

  3. Nothing funny about domestic violence. The petition has nothing to do with Rihanna, but the words of Teyana that SHE CHOSE TO STATE. She should’ve took the high road. Silence is golden and let Rihanna talk to herself. I gladly signed as an advocate.

    1. All of the sudden Rihanna is a victim? If you follow her she’s been cyber bullying folks and throwing constant shade on twitter and Instagram at folks for years. The petition is ALL about Rihanna Navy getting angry because Teyana clowned Rihanna and embarrassed the Clap back Queen. The funny thing is when Rihanna is going in on someone the Navy laughs at her bullying but when Teyana basically shuts her down they want to gather signatures. Rihanna is beautiful and makes catchy songs but very insecure and her fans are no better.

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