He Sat Up Here and Left My Ass For A White Girl!

monica1this sistas this weekend had a fit about a black baller wolf!
you know that only happens when:

a – he’s on the d/l
b – he gets in a relationship with a snow bunny

well this time it was “b”.
all d/l wolves are safe… for now.
robert griffin III of the redskins got married to his snow bunny,
rebecca liddicoat,
over the weekend and well..

tumblr_lqad3kkUhF1qkk580they even made a video:

did they get married in a gym?
i also wonder if she would have married him if he was a janitor?

i’ll wait…
well congrats on the happy couple.
i hope they know they are on “black woman” watch.
if he fucks up,
it will be highlighted times X20.
now i know rg III isnt a looker.
lord knows he looks like a hybrid of:

rgpusha3000…but i didn’t know rg was packin’ some body under his uniform.

tumblr_lpuikjjE5x1qzvdy2o1_500i guess the body makes up for it then.
snow bunny wins?

9 thoughts on “He Sat Up Here and Left My Ass For A White Girl!

  1. It kills me how many of those athletes, artists and celebrities that don’t date their own race.

  2. Honestly, black women ain’t missing a thing with this dude.He is just :/ ugh in the face.He has a nice body but what athlete doesn’t.She can kiss him all she wants, I never even dreamed about kissing that mug.He better stay the fuck out of fantasies looking like that or put a bag over that head.I’m sorry but I looked up pictures of him last year because I wanted to see his hairstyle up-close and then I noticed his face.I had no idea he looked so butt in the face because I always saw him from far back.I’m not a woman so I wouldn’t have had a chance anyway but…I probably wouldn’t give him the time of day if I was a woman.To be fair though, I don’t find Colin K attractive facially either.He has a nice body, again, what athlete doesn’t, but Colin’s face is so weird looking.He’s lucky he’s light skinned because if he wasn’t, no one would be praising him the way they do.I’ll give them both compliments though.Robert, I like his hairstyle and Colin, I like your tattoos.RG3 wouldn’t get tattoos, he probably considers them too black, as in they’d make his skin look darker.Trust me, ain’t no black woman mad over him.Dude is hit.

  3. I thought it was common knowledge that he had race issues.

    I remember some time ago, there was a story about him not wanting to be a black Quarterback or some ridiculous shit like that.

  4. It was not that serious as people were making it out to be. He’s been with his woman for a while. Let him date ho he wants

    S/N: Pusha T are Andre and sexy, especially Pusha my god.

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