have you heard what’s going down at ed buck’s house?

ima need some of ya’ll not to go to ed buck’s crib.
i know the hunt for a sugar daddy is real,
but ima need ya’ll to another avenue.
last year in july,
a black gay male was found dead at ed’s house.
his name was gemmel moore and he was an alleged escort.
well another black male was found dead at ed’s spot today.
this is what a foxholer sent me…

A young African American man was found dead in the West Hollywood home of Ed Buck. Buck, a white man, 60, is a prominent Democratic donor with a history of drugging young black men, reported Wehoville.

The victim’s name has not been released. However, Buck allegedly has a “fetish” for drugging young black gay men.

In July of 2017, another black man named Gemmel Moore was found dead from a methamphetamine overdose in Buck’s home.

However, Moore’s death was ruled as an “accidental overdose,” and Buck was not investigated because of “insufficient evidence.”

Before his death, Moore wrote about his experience and relationship with Buck in a journal. “I’ve become addicted to drugs and the worst one at that. Ed Buck is the one to thank. He gave me my first injection of crystal meth,” Moore wrote in December 2016.

Activists Jasmyne Cannick said that Buck was not prosecuted in 2017 because of his huge financial contributions to politicians such as Hillary Clinton, and former California governor Jerry Brown.

first off
why are we letting white males inject us with crystal meth?
why is that even a thing?
this is sick.
ed clearly has strong alliances backing him.
if this was anyone else,
they’d be in jail for murder as we font.
i hope this stops black gay males from going over ed’s crib.
i don’t care how much money he dangles in front of them.

article cc: raw story

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “have you heard what’s going down at ed buck’s house?”

  1. THIS!!!—> “why are we letting white males inject us with crystal meth? like,
    why is that even a thing?”


      1. NOT THIS!!!–>the only injections i’m looking for is penis

        BUT THIS!!!—>and the one that puts green pieces of paper in my account.

  2. A prominent democratic donor is out here drugging and killing black men, yet there’s been absolutely no coverage by mainstream media. And we’re suppose to believe dems actually care about the welfare of black people.

  3. @MTOFFT Exactly what you said Bruh! So where is Tyler an’ ‘Nem at now? Playin beggars to their own demise so long as they have theirs and got tha Folks laughin’, Amen-in’, and Pwaisin da Lard. Further, our Tribe too dayum busy being catty, shady, and shitty to each other to hear/accept the warnings, red flags, and danger graffiti. Our Wise Ones get fobbed off as ‘that bitch jus scared! I’m gonna get mine!’. If there is another word to encompass being beyond infuriated, deeply saddened, and on the verge of going AHS Coven nuclear out here ’cause of this fuqqery, I wish somebody would tell me. Until then, I’ll sip on this cranberry and Bacardi to sooth my nerves.

  4. This is a growing problem with the party and play theme. Hooking up with other guy who want you to get high with them, I don’t get it. I personally don’t need drugs, but just give a sexy dude and will have a good time

  5. I hope this is a lesson to all these young boys who are looking for an easy way to make money. I’m sorry that this young man lost his life. but this should be a lesson, just get a 9 to 5 job.

  6. Lmao, no surprise that white liberals under this story’s comment section are more concerned with the mere mention of Buck financially backing the Democratic party than this man’s use of illicit drugs and killing young black men. Let Buck have been a Republican donor, they would without hesitation link his political affiliation to his sick fetish. This is why I don’t do politics…

    Now, to run the risk of being accused of “victim blaming,” I can’t help but question these young black men like Gemmel Moore and now Buck’s latest victim…what are some of my fellow black men thinking?! Where’s your self-worth, respect, and dignity…??? Smh, this is just all around sad.

    1. I’m of two minds on your second point. On the one hand a lot of young black gays are desperate for a way to make money when the world abandons them. What easier way to get paid than the world’s oldest profession? Which leaves them at the mercy of these old white men. Let’s be real Male escorts main clientele are older monied white men. Most non white gays just dont have the disposable income to pay for sex. But is it worth it though? We all see escorts on the apps and online flexing because they usually are very attractive and floss their material gains to advertise. But it begs the question what are you made to do behind closed doors for any of it. Situations like this just show how sick and deranged these Johns can be. Now another black gay male is dead and this man will get away with it because of money and white privilege. I just cant with a wrinkled old nasty and probably racist white man. My dignity will not allow it. And situations like this show how dangerous the life can be.

      1. ^they could be getting peed on and all kinds of disgusting behavior.
        as much as i hate getting up to go to work,
        it’s an honest living.

        i was sent an email with a lot of the favs of ig hitting up rich white men.
        it’s really interesting.

      2. @Hugo89113

        “Let’s be real Male escorts main clientele are older monied white men. Most non white gays just dont have the disposable income to pay for sex.”

        As someone who has had the privilege of traveling to various countries the past few years and have spent that time doing some casual, non-academic research on male sex workers (a topic I think is HEAVILY understudied), your statement is 100 percent correct. I’ve been to Ghana, Morocco, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil and the majority of the gay male sex tourists that go to the aforementioned places are white men with some disposable income.

        Some these “transactions” are mere requests by tourists for a few naked pics from guys (many who proclaim to be or are heterosexual) in exchange for some cash on gay hookup apps like Grindr, Jack’d, etc. and the sex worker being a kind of informal tour guide (with extra benefits) to the sex tourist–the interesting thing is the payment could be a) spoiling him–the sex worker–with clothes and other material items or b) helping them get their visa to the West. The dark side of these kinds of “transactions” is when sex tourists go to these countries to fulfill some racialized sexual fetish…*shivers* but I digress.

        Back to the rest of your comment…

        I’m all for sex worker as I understand the many reasons men and women get into that line of business, but I would say “no”, the “easy money” that one can get isn’t worth it when you are asked to do questionable things. Sex work is for those who can think with the “head” between their ears and not their legs and understand the risks and long-term consequences of such a line of work.

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