So This Is What Happens When Black People Play In The Snow?

Tamera-Mowry-Adam-Housleyso one half of the dynamic twin duo,
tamera mowry,
is having a problem.

one that is driving her to tears.
ready for it?
people do not like the fact she is married to a snow wolf.
i knoooooooow!
*grabs kleenex*
she was on oprah’s “where are they now” and she responded to all her critics…

kim-kardashian-crying-phone-cellphone-so-mad1ya know i feel her,
i do…
you married his ass so you should have no fucks to give what people think.
you should have thought about this before you married him.
how about crying because of being black in america and the trials we face daily?
how about for all the gay people who are disrespected and picked on?
i know…
how about the millions of people who lost their unemployment benefits (like me)?
the ones who have kids with no food to eat and a goverment that turned they’re back on us.

hell cry because your little brother sometimes wears horrendous outfits.
shed tears about alllllllla that.
stop being a whiny baby because the big bad dumbasses on the internet are making fun of you.
tumblr_mus0skkgyv1s8g9k5o1_500she is acting like they done threw a molotov cocktail in her house because of this “heinous crime”.
learn how to use your damn block feature!!!
btw i still watch sister sister reruns when i catch em!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “So This Is What Happens When Black People Play In The Snow?”

  1. She should be alright, and plus isn’t she mixed herself? I thought so, which means their relationship technically isn’t interracial. She is half white and he is white. If she was the tone of the also mixed Mariah Carey people wouldn’t care. Y’all know Mariah is mixed, and many blacks consider her to be white side of things. I guess it would have been okay if Mariah married a white man. See where I am going with this? It all depends on the skin tone.

  2. Yeah, she needs to man-up and get off the internet if they hurt her that bad.That’s how the internet is.Tia should feel worse.She said people told her her son was ugly when she first posted a picture of him.

    I’m starting to not like Tamera anymore.She’s using her interracial relationship for promo.Interracial couples need to stop exploiting themselves and their kids.No one cares and if they do, so what, you’re still married so what’s the problem.

    I’m so sick of seeing this story everywhere.

    Tamera is my favorite one from the twins but she either needs to grow a back bone or get off the internet.People are always harsh when they’re anonymous.I used to say some harsh things on this website that I didn’t mean.I just did it because I could.

    Not to rag on Tamera but she could’ve gotten a way better looking White dude than him.

  3. Wow this is really sad, and goes to show you that people in the public eye have thin skin and are just as insecure as everybody else. For some reason, I thought people in the public eye learned from a early age not to give any fucks what people thought of them. If most celebs would read what people said about them on the internet they would be crazy basket cases, well let me rephrase that because most are already that but you have to have thick skin to be in the entertainment business, its basically a business of judgement, and those that have survived are strong. She needs to talk to Gabby Sidibe(Precious) for some self esteem lesson. Personally I think she looks a hot mess when I see her in the public eye but she gives no fucks what I think or anybody else and has a healthy sense of herself and at the end of the day I have to admire her for standing up and being who the fuck she wants to be, not caring what you think about her, her style, her weight etc. This baby needs to hang out a day with her because Gabby would have reason to cry with all the hurtful things said about her on daily basis and mostly on Black websites and blogs. Tamera you dont know these people and what they think does not make or define you, start acting like a real star and stop this crying. BTW I never know which one of these chicks is which when I see them lol.

  4. I don’t like Tamera anymore because she cries to damn much over this black and white bullshit. I can tell she is one of those type of people who need to have a pat on the back and a cheer every day when they do something “amazing”. No boo it doesn’t work like that. Plus she has a damn family that support so why she even care what other people think? But I will defend her in one thing and that is growing up as a mixed kid is hard when both groups don’t like you because you’re not full.

  5. I hardly give a fuck. My solution: Let everyone know that she’s not black. Let everyone know that she’s not white. Let everyone know that she’s half-white and half-black and then maybe they’ll understand that only the black part of her is in an interracial marriage but that the white part of her is not–because her husband is white. With all the Hell that black people face everyday in this society, frankly I don’t have much sympathy for the mixed, mulatto, biracial people–who have it much better and who are preferred to black people. My advice to her: Stop crying. Stop bellyaching. Suck it up and move on.

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