Guess Who Gets To Have Legal Sex Now?

kylie-jenner-birthday-cakethis  attentionista ^here.
kylie’s birthday is on the 10th of august,
but she has started celebrating early.
she is officially legal(ish).
i guess tyga can finally claim her in public now.
ya know…
without that illegal thing over his head.
all alleged of course.
thank god for that?

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Guess Who Gets To Have Legal Sex Now?”

  1. This family is just not right starting with Kris Jenner. I feel the only ones that don’t crave the attention is Kourtney and Kendal. Honestly I think Tyga is a little slow.

  2. @Eric…Rob doesn’t crave the spotlight either. The rest of them…that notoriety that they crave so much from the public will be their downfall. For the life of me I cannot understand how no charges were ever brought against him for messing around with a minor. Aside from the ENTIRE family, the State of California is REALLY fucked up! If that were my child, his ass would’ve been brought up on charges at the first whiff of me finding out he’s around my child.

    1. Christian your right I forgot about poor Rob I hope he pulls it together and lose that weight. Yeah I just don’t get why charges weren’t filed either and I can’t believe radio stations and gossip sites were and are supporting this relationship.

  3. About time I’m glad she’s turning legal so now we can all stop talking about it. But did you see the new whip he bought her? Who i got to smash to get a car like that lol

    1. He gave her the same car he gave Chyna years ago.TMZ has the receipts :).He had it painted but failed to get new plates.

      1. LOLOLOL! And she thinks she’s grown while he’s running games on her “grown” self.
        I bet you anything she knows and agreed to it, she’s already a gold-digger.

  4. This girl is like a few months younger than my sister, I just wish she would realise that being rich doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want. Ugh

    P.S. I think the only person from that family that doesn’t want any of the game is Rob. I think he saw early on what it can do to people.

  5. Shit, Tyga been fuckin her since last year lol. Kylie will never be as successful as Kim. Remember, when she hit the scene, it was a different era. Other than Myspace, there were no other social media sites around. Plus, she cannot even help the struggling career of her rapper boyfriend. SMH

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