“Being Gay Is Not A Man”

6a00d8341c730253ef01a5116c24af970c-500withat’s what ^he said.
everyone meet rufus warren.
he is a pre baller jackal for mississippi state.
an f-bi “fox signaled” me that he has a problem with michael sam.
only michael sam.
he says he likes “us”,
but doesn’t want “us” playing football.
check his reason in his tweets…

what he is saying is…
football is too violent to go home at night to a man?britney_nick-3is he trying to say michael gonna go home and beat some ass after?
if so
whats the problem den????

he better realize we like to get manhandled in these bedrooms by a dominant wolf.
shit i know i do.
i mean is he concerned or sumin’?
i’m soooooooo confused right now.
well after he shared his opinion,
msu got word and climbed up that tree so fast.
he ended up post this typical pr answer:

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 11.42.22 PMhe quickly put his twitter on private after.
i wanted to meddle.
well you know this was gonna happen.
lets not act surprised.
i hope he realizes that queens aren’t a accurate representation of all of us.
some of us can and will kick that ass.

tweets found at article courtesy: the huffington post

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on ““Being Gay Is Not A Man””

    1. So true, so true. I really want to tell the ugly and fat ones to stop worrying about gay men and start worrying about yourself cause look at you, you’re fat and ugly and nobody wants that piece of shit face/body you got, you’re disgusting and a disgrace.

  1. I tell you social media is gonna be the death of some people; posting ignorant shot on the low thinking no one will see then apologize when you’re caught!

  2. If anything, taking dick makes them tougher.Plus, like a Deon Sanders said, there have been many gay players in the NFL.They need to drop this macho shit already.I wouldn’t even attempt to fight a feminine gay man because most are lanky and quick with the hands.If anything, we should be the main ones succeeding at football considering the fact that you get to tackle men for hours on end and then go shower with your teammates butt ass naked in the locker-room afterward.

    I’m sick of the social media thing too.Everybody thinks they have to run their mouth about something.I think it makes these athletes look stupid when they do it because they immediately apologize right after.No, don’t back out now.You just told us how you really felt.We know you still feel that way.Seems like these people, especially these athletes, would’ve learned by now.Then again, they haven’t learned how to use a condom and how to stop impregnating side-chicks like all the other athletes.

  3. Damn, this doesn’t even make sense at all. Who says he goes home to a man every night? Michael doesn’t even live with a man. Why does he even care? Is he trying to say gay men aren’t manly enough to play football? From what I’ve seen Michael is a beast. Dude needs to chill. I think Rufus is a rat’s name, but I wouldn’t dare say that.

    Nothing, this is a classic case of damage control. He’s gay and trying to cover himself. Talking about “I can’t do it.” He’d let a nigga smash that booty he’s got. I’m for real. That statement was just weird.

    1. Seti, you got that right. All too often they say stupid things and want the world to think that they’re Einsteins. Look at this about a black “Christian” rapper that took offense at the “Same Love” song by MacLemore. I read his stupid rap and here’s my response: http://www.yourblackworld.net/2014/02/black-news/christian-rappers-life-threatened-for-not-supporting-gay-marriage/?utm_source=iContact&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Your%20Black%20World%20-%20News%20Updates&utm_content=

      I did read his lyrics found here: http://rapgenius.com/Bizzle-same-love-a-response-lyrics And, although I don’t agree with death treats, I have a problem with his propounding of foolish and asinine ideas like “disagreement” is equivalent to hate. (The problem here is that he “disagrees” not with an idea but with an existance. That is, homosexuality is not just a belief but who you are.) It might be interepreted that Hitler disagreed with the Jews so he exterminated them. And he compares lust outside of marriage for himself to gays lusting and then wishes to deny them marriage so that they can “validly” (I suppose by his way of thinking express it). He talks about the history of slavery and African Americans but doesn’t seem to know that there has been a long history of some African Americans being gay and he talks about “playing” gay vs. “playing” white in a stream of foolishness. He talks about God creating marriage but we know that marriage is a human institution with legal rights and responsibilities and he claims that gays insist on being married in Churches. He makes an equivalency statement between homosexuality and pedophilia. And there’s more that I won’t bother to mention. In sum, I find his thought process juvenile, sophmoric and foolish. When he produces something that is logical, reasonable, rational and good, I hope that he will write it and that I will hear it. But until then, he should keep his stupidity to himself!

  4. So after reading this stupidity, I decided to Google this dude. I must say, don’t be surprised if he is the next one, his rant sounds like a typical closet queen who is battling internally with their own sexuality. I can remember in High School laughing with my str8 friends about obviously effeminate dudes thinking some how it was taking the shine off of me, but trust me gays know their own. I was called out by this one dude a couple years later on one of my first trips to a gay club who told me- I knew you were a closet queen. I couldn’t do anything but laugh and we became really close and still are to this day. Looking at lil Rufus bio, he is originally from Mississippi so that will explain a lot, about his backward thinking as they constantly lead the nation in everything that is negative from teen pregnancy, poverty, illiteracy rates and the list goes on, but you best believe its a church on every corner preaching the sins of homosexuality. I guess this knucklehead didnt think about all the players who go home to men now who play. Hell he probably goes home to a man technically every night in the dorm. Any sports that involve men are going to have gay dudes, its just the law of averages, for that matter any thing where there are men, there are going to be a percentage of gays. Why do supposedly Str8 dudes think that gay dudes are not still men, we all got the same parts and a quick youtube search you can see many Str8 dudes getting their ass beat by flaming queens. I would rather fight a Str8 dude than a queen any day because queens grew up on the battlefield boxing for people talking shit and believe me, practice makes perfect, and the end result being that its been many a Str8 boy who has gotten their ass dragged. Po lil Rufus, looks a little slow and will probably end up back home working in the local chicken plant anyway while Sam will be in the NFL.

  5. The media has a lot to do with this. I mean if all they see are the femminin gays what are they to expect. Just like all they show are the dumb red neck or thugs on tv it leaves a lot of grey area for regular people

  6. It is not JUST the media most of the Black Masculine Gay guys that I know are not OUT to their family.This idiot may have a Gay uncle or brother who is masculine but not OUT.This is why I hope Michael Sam makes it to NFL.He will further dispel the myth and be a example of a Masculine Gay Black.If he excels than maybe some pro ballers will follow his lead.Although someone pointed out to be since Frank Ocean came out.No Black Male singer,rapper,etc has come out

    Back to Rufus I read at the combines they will ask the players about their tweets,facebook posts,etc when they interview them to judge their character.

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