Foxy Lifestyle: Puttin’ In Overtime


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So picture this….

You FINALLY meet your baller, construction worker, fire fighter, wall street tycoon, or the next best thing next to Boris Kodjoe.

I mean he looks like this:


He is feeling you.
You are feeling him.
Instant attraction.
You are like two bumble bees.
Always buzzin around each other non stop.
It seems your life is finally complete…..
or is IT?

I have seen MANY Foxes start overcompensating when they meet the Wolf of their dreams.
We start talking about things we would NEVER do and then like clockwork,
we are doing it.

We forget about our friends.
Not returning phone calls.
Family gets pushed to the side.
Responsibilities start to dwindle.
Changing who we are.

I call it “Puttin In Overtime” because it starts going from romance to work.
We start working for love to make it work so we don’t get fired and be alone again.

I can never say I would or wouldn’t.
I never say never because if Devin or any baller was to swoop in,
would I change or would I still be a ball bustin’ Fox?

I have never let a man really come ahead of what is important:


As much as I love good dick and a sucka for love,
dick can make you stupid.

Or, does it make insecure people stupid?

I always say you can tell how a person really is when they are in love.

Being in love has the way of enhancing all of our insecurities.
We are forced to show this person who we really are, that we have feelings, and can be emotional.
Love has a way of making the biggest bitch bend and the roughest man soft.
We are conditioned in life to want to feel loved and return it.
No matter WHAT lifestyle we live in.
We are tired of waiting for the phone to ring or to even be taken seriously.

All un-Foxy life behavior.

I suggest that before you even jump into a relationship or look for one,
ask yourself, looking in the mirror, one question that many of us seem to overlook:


If you can answer it without a doubt,
you are well on your way.
If you cringe or feel flustered,
you arent.

…. then you are well on your way to work on YOU.

Things to think about Foxes.

Love ya.


4 thoughts on “Foxy Lifestyle: Puttin’ In Overtime

  1. Thanks again Jamari. It’s interesting because since i’ve met my dude Marc, Sometimes I catch myself almost going into “putting in overtime ” mode. I realizing inorder for me to leave that shit be I have to trust in myself that he really means it when he says “I love”. So right now I’m pretty koo. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna get hella efortless in our relationship tho. That would be just sloppy =/ lol

  2. If you date out of fear of being alone then that sort of “putting in overtime” behavior occurs. You’re working to keep him around because you feel as though at any moment he can lose interest and up and leave you. And sad to say… it does happen. Here is the man of your dreams. Mr. Perfect. You’re suppose to be yourself and continue to do what you’ve normally done and hope that he stays with you. That who you are is actually good enough. You look around and see all off the failing relationships and lonely people and wonder if you’re story will end differently from theirs. I totally understand how we get caught up in trying to keep a man we’ve always wanted. We’re taught that putting in hard work is what it takes to get something you want. So naturally, wouldn’t the same things apply to relationships? The answer isn’t all that clear. But i guess the rule of thumb is, if being with him isn’t making you happy… then you need to let him go.

  3. I agree.. unfortunately i am experiencing this ISSUE with a friend currently. All i can do, is be patient and hope that he realizes there is a WHOLE world beyond this dude he is currently seeing..smh

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