In Devin’s Hard Times

I woke up this afternoon *ahem*
to a ton of emails from Foxes far and wide.



I go online and whoop there it is.
Daddy has been cut from the Redskins.

He should thank his lucky stars because the Redskins suck anyway
+ he wasn’t getting enough playing time.
He was basically just warming the bench.
They OBVIOUSLY didn’t recognize his potential.


One door closes and a couple windows open up.
It’s the part of the hustle and grind of it all.

When I got fired from my last job,
it hurt BUT I got my shit together and now I am making more green than I was before.

I have no problem consoling him during his hard times.
He always has a home inside the Foxhole.
I mean,
this is Daddy we are talking about.

…did you think I was gonna drop him once he got fired?

What kind of Fox do you think I am?

Get back on ya grind Daddy.
It’s time to show and prove.
Stay ya ass out the club, photo shoots, and get to improving ya game.

So in typical Fox fashion: FUCK THEM.

BTW – try to get on a team in the Concrete Jungle.



6 thoughts on “In Devin’s Hard Times

    1. …..errr. I give him 2 months to relax and figure out what he wants to do. Grind time starts on the third.

      But, at least the dick will be available on call. I mean, its not like he has a job LOL


    # Not the first player to be big, strong and fast, but no real ability to play football at an NFL level.
    # Spent to much time in the clubs
    # Spent to much time filming Real Housewives of DC
    # Would not learn the playbook and was late to position meetings
    # He was up late every at nite waiting on a text from jamari
    # He spent too much time on
    # Clinton Portis found out they both were bottoms
    # Tiki Barber would not return his phone call once he got with the white chick
    # He spent more time on getting tattoos then he did learning the playbook
    # Coach found his picture of Brett Farve in his locker.
    # No one on the team wanted to see his sex tape with jamari

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