Big Dick Jones


That is ALL I have to say.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Big Dick Jones”

  1. Times must really be hard for him…damn…he had to stoop oh so low….i mean i would too after that flop movie with that rapper nelly lol

  2. I was like… who is that? Lol. She’s a pretty girl (too bad her roots were showing). He has a big penis though. Body is decent too. Face ain’t all that hott. Plus there was no ‘money shot’ so i didn’t see a point in watching the whole thing.

  3. It was okay. She basically played with his dick. Lickin but not suckin on the penis. All that dick and she just gonna play with it? His dick was almost up to his chest. Seriously. All the white gurls in the world and he ended up with this lackluster hoe? I see why curious dudes tend to stalk foxes/werewolves; they never had their dick properly sucked before. He would have been handled especially in the car! That was hottest part to me.

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