f0xmail: My Pipe Doesn’t Work Anymore. Help!


For about almost two years now I have been dealing with an issue that I finally got the courage to write to you about. I am 26 years old and I have absolutely no sex drive, yep my libido is down the toilet. To give you a little background info I have year around allergies that have been really bad the last couple years to the point that I had to start allergy shots weekly, and take claritin and sudafed decongestant everyday just to be able to function. I know sudafed d can lower your libido but I have to take it. My sex drive has been diminishing the last couple years but now my penis doesn’t even really get hard anymore, whenever I get an erection now my penis gets hard for less than a minute and goes right back limp. This is TMI but whenever I fap my penis doesn’t even get fully erect and when it is time to release my semen volume is low and watery. I go through periods of no fapping to see if that will help but it doesn’t, I even have taken maca root pills for a few months and they don’t work. I don’t what to talk to my doctor because I am so embarrassed. I know this fox mail was so TMI but I need help asap.

Any suggestions on how to get my sex drive back Jamari and the foxhole?

SN: please be serious it took a lot for me to write this.


no sex drive?
can’t jack off?
yes this is serious.

losing your sex drive can a very embarrassing thing.
it makes you feel like once you meet someone of your dreams,
you won’t be able to perform.
not worse than not being able to ride a dack like a buckin’ bronco.
that can be extremely stressful and tough on the mind.

one of the things men of all orientations do,
and myself included,
is ignore the doctor/hospital when something is wrong with us.
we try to solve our issues with webmd and word of mouth,
when a simple appointment can end up saving your life.

take your tail to the doctor.
maybe its a simple procedure of lowering your dosage.hell he could swap one medicine out for the next.
it may even be a serious issue,
but guess what?
would you rather is grow into something major,
or curve it now and jack happily ever after?
giphyi hope the latter is your decision.
i’m SURE your doctor has dealt with worse.

the wolf who decided to jack off with the hot sauce
the vixen who decided to use a hacksaw to masturbate
the older couple who is stuck together…
because he can’t get his pipe out her cooch

you are not the only one with an embarrassing issue.
the members of foxhole has had some embarrassing health issues too.
hell i thought i caught hiv and lived six months in absolute torture.
never diagnose yourself through webmd btw.
i thought i had hiv,
and dementia.
i know.
i can’t either.

everything you tell your doctor is completely private.
so did that give you a push to make the appointment?


don’t be scared and keep me updated.
you went through some things with me…
you know i’ll do the same with you.

jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “f0xmail: My Pipe Doesn’t Work Anymore. Help!”

  1. I agree with J.You have to go to the doctor.It is possible you have low testosterone.It can be treated.You need to discuss these symptoms with your primary care physician.There is a blood test that can be done to test your levels.It happens to men under 30 although it’s most common in older men.You don’t have to suffer it can be treated,Boo.

  2. Sorry to hear this…..
    I agree with Jamari go to the doctor!
    Hope you seek help & I hope things get better for u bruh…..🙏🏾

  3. Seriously tho you have to go to the doctor. You’re way too young to be having this issue. As a former pre-med, were you prescribed to claritin and sudafed decongestant by a doctor or self-prescribed? It better to speak your doctor, but I’m pretty certain it could be the medicine because the mg o dose could be too much for you. But I hope everything will be okay and you’re able to stand on your penis.

  4. I agree with everyone else, Go to the doctor!

    Trust, they’ve probably encountered worse, I know mine has with me lol.

    I have really bad allergies too and took Sudafed for a while before switching to Claritin. I always thought my lack of sex drive was more mental though, because right after not being able to get fully erect for a thot Id come home put in a flick and get on brick and accidentally shoot myself in my eye lmao.

    Now doctors ask you if you engage in homosexual activity every time you go for a physical. I guess to get an idea of the diseases/stds you’re at risk for. I’d like to be a fly on a wall when someone answers yes to that question. Lol

  5. Sorry to hear about your situation I’m glad you’re taking steps to reach a solution but none of us are doctors (that I know of) so we can only give you support I have to agree with everyone else and say you go to your doctor. Good luck tho 😆

  6. Brother, we commenters are on the same page here; you need to see a doctor. I noticed you said you felt too embarrassed to discuss this with your doctor. You should be able to discuss anything about your health with your doctor. If you’re not comfortable doing so, consider getting another doctor.

    I don’t know where you’re located, but if you’re in a large city or near one, try to find a gay doctor or one who is gay-friendly. It makes all the difference in the world. Check gay publications, such as the gay weekly newspapers. You don’t even need the physical paper; the Internet is ideal for people in small towns or the country. Gay health professionals advertise in these publications. If you don’t see one located in your area, contact one you do see and ask for a referral for one he or she may know in your locale. Also, if you have the means to travel to a neighboring city, it’s worth it.

    Growing up I had an excellent doctor who was a colleague and friend of the docs in my family. I did not feel comfortable talking to him about my sexuality, so I sought out gay doctors and have enjoyed being able to discuss all kinds of things with them.

    Wish you the best.

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