Victor Cruz Gets Some Alleged Pipe Leakage?

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 9.32.02 AMwell god has blessed me
and i’m sure he has blessed you.
spanish papi and baller wolf of dreams,
victor cruz,
got some alleged pipe leakage for us.
its seems slapmyfatty is on a “role” these days.
get it?
okay corny joke i know.
well here is what he had to offer us.

not for straight eyes

okay lets go…

so these were the first set:

peep the contacts box.
now go to his instagram.
now the “happy ending”:

x 1

x 2

x 3

x 4

x 5

so the middle of that long ass remote vic?
thats where you start?

like some of the typical spanish wolves,
he isn’t that long,
but he is very thick.
i would still take it tho.
his body does things to me.
i guess this confirms he may allegedly cheat?
either way just my opinion.
3050135-inline-cruznodit definitely isn’t truth.

lowkey: is slapmyfatty pretending to be a vixen?
the real scandal will be if he was doing this as a guy.

pictures credited: slapmyfatty

22 thoughts on “Victor Cruz Gets Some Alleged Pipe Leakage?

  1. Victor has always been a cutie and his pipe looks like the perfect kind for a fox, since it’s not a gut buster.

  2. Victor cruz father was Black and mother Puerto rican….I look at him and see Black not as a spanish Wolf or a mix (maybe) Not just spanish wolf

  3. I could be wrong but I think slap my fatty has females working for him to get all these pictures from dudes. These dudes are the truth, but I wonder what these dudes think when they see their pictures posted.

    1. that sounds more likely. I mean if these dudes are showing something, you can bet they gonna require the girl to show something.

  4. @Y Colette: I erased my original response. I’m not getting off topic. I said what I said. That’s the gist of it.

  5. His peen and body comes a dime a dozen and this peen leakage shows how messy he is. He belong to the hoodrats and ratchet. I couldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him…

  6. I don’t know why I , but I am disappointed in VC.He has been with his wife since 2003.So why is he sexting.I wonder if there are any faithful ballers.I am starting to wonder if there are any faithful men period.Before anyone says It, I know women cheat.But I don’t give AF about cheating women because I don’t date women.
    Then again it’s possible he and his wife have an arrangement ,an open relationship.

    1. @Y Colette, sadly all men except the Pope, President Obama, Grant Hill, Colin Powell and Donnie McClurkin have not cheated on their wives/girlfriends/significant others LOL, the rest you better be worried about. I am just a regular pineapple with a 8-5, a gym membership and 650 Credit score and my Facebook inbox stay lit up like Jackd and Grindr with thirsty dudes, I dont even know, hitting me up, they are bold and dont know for sure which way I swing, many of them posted up with their boo’s or in a couple of instances with their wives right on their profile pic, so I could only imagine how it is for a young rich good looking athlete out here in these streets with all the women and probably a fair share of men throwing themselves on you, it will take a strong person to yield not to that temptation. Hell VC has been on my crush list since I first heard of him when he came into the spotlight, and if I had the chance to kick it with him, I probably would not think twice that he is married and truthfully I think most men Gay or Str8 lock in on the physical not thinking about the emotional consequences of cheating, we just want to have a little fun not thinking of the long term implications. As we see everyday on social media, ATTENTION is a powerful drug that will make most men do some stupid things.

      1. Can you stop speaking my life?! I think we might even have about the same credit score! Lol

        BTW, I was so disgusted with the way gays and Lee Daniels came at Donnie McClurkin.

      2. @JAY ,Just curious ,are you disgusted by Donnie publicly condemning homosexual sex for years while engaging in homosexual sex? I am also disgusted in him condemning unwed mothers when he has a teenage son born out of wedlock.He and his buddy Marvin Winans have the audacity to refuse to bless the kids of single mothers.Yet they have no problem in taking the tithes and offerings of single mothers,gays,etc.Ican’t stand holier than thou hypocrites.

    2. I think its easier to find a faithful woman than it is a faithful man. Its the different ways we nurture each gender and encourage gender roles in my opinion.

      I don’t put shit past no man. I don’t care how well he was raised, his current title, how much he says he can be trusted…NOPE.

      I’ve seen too much. Men happily attached one day and then decides to cheat the next day for no damn reason.

    3. Man, please. As one NFL player said…they have a chick in every city they play, and then some!
      If the hoes throwin the ass at these dudes…you KNOW they going for it! Married or not!
      Victor may not have gone unnoticed by the ladies for a while…but once he started doing his lil’ salsa moves and started to get noticed, these chicks began going after the dick. There are women who have the art of groupie-ism down to a science! LOL
      That being said…Victor could get it ANY day OR night!!! His pipe is the right size.

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