f0xmail: My Pipe Doesn’t Work Anymore. Help!


For about almost two years now I have been dealing with an issue that I finally got the courage to write to you about. I am 26 years old and I have absolutely no sex drive, yep my libido is down the toilet. To give you a little background info I have year around allergies that have been really bad the last couple years to the point that I had to start allergy shots weekly, and take claritin and sudafed decongestant everyday just to be able to function. I know sudafed d can lower your libido but I have to take it. My sex drive has been diminishing the last couple years but now my penis doesn’t even really get hard anymore, whenever I get an erection now my penis gets hard for less than a minute and goes right back limp. This is TMI but whenever I fap my penis doesn’t even get fully erect and when it is time to release my semen volume is low and watery. I go through periods of no fapping to see if that will help but it doesn’t, I even have taken maca root pills for a few months and they don’t work. I don’t what to talk to my doctor because I am so embarrassed. I know this fox mail was so TMI but I need help asap.

Any suggestions on how to get my sex drive back Jamari and the foxhole?

SN: please be serious it took a lot for me to write this.


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I’m Just Not Fuckin’ Anyone Right Now. Is That Bad?

you know when you have grown because you look at things differently.
before you may have cursed someone out for violating your entire situation.
now you take a deep breath,
and move on.
let them look stuck on stupid because you pay them dust.
what happens when you realize you outgrow people in your life?
even though you still have a connection to them?
well i have been talking to a friend i x mentioned on here recently,
but now i’m realizing i’m starting to be over it.
we had a conversation recently that went like this…

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