Devin Cums From The Left….

All this cheating I been doing with Dez has made him jealous.

Dez. Sorry. I do not think we can see each other anymore…. maybe.

I find it so funny that I been wringing my boxer briefs out for Dez Bryant and my other “D” has a new photo coming out. My husband in my head looks so damn sexy in his see through sexy for his Kraze magazine promo shot:

Mine mine and all mine.

Foxes: What is wrong with him? Something must be wrong with him?

Well…. a groupie from Baller Alert said he has a limp dick and baby mama drama. It made me feel some kinda way… then again, he hasn’t met me. I don’t really take groupie stories serious because half the time, its a one time fuck. He bagged her at the club and then went to beat later that night. Typical behavior.

But if he does have a limp dick, I can try to jump start that bad boy with my jumper cable walls… and he can go back to his baby mama to avoid the drama. Not like I need him to move in with me. I do not want to see him everyday. Just provide me with endless pleasure… and a few gifts along the way.

This Fox doesn’t ask for much.

*evil grin*

Later Foxes.

4 thoughts on “Devin Cums From The Left….

    1. He may:

      A) really want some of my Fox tail
      B) want something in his Wolf tail
      C) her pussy smelt like week old cabbage.

      Let’s hope A is the answer.

  1. I saw that picture and forgot how to breathe. Limp dick? Thats cuz he prolly wasn’t into her. Fysh like to make shyt up when they get played. Womp womp. Baby mama drama? Fuck that bytch! I’d marry him in a heart beat.

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