F@#k His Attitude

You ever had someone that you were secretly attracted too,
give you way too much attitude and it turned you the FUCK on?

Well my latest appetizer on the menu is doing that to me…
and he doesn’t know what he is in for when I get my way.

At my job there is a particular guy that makes me hard everytime I see him. I do not know if it is the sexual tension between us that makes me want to rip his clothes off…. either way, I am trying to get that.

He works on another floor and I see him perodically because his company is also connected to my company. I first saw him one day when I was standing at my co workers desk and when I turned around, I was in a face full of pecs. His upper body and his lips had me in a trance. He is thick muscular, which I have no problem with, but he has a nice handsome face. H sort of has a big head that I can picture inbetween my legs. Packing a nice ok butt and maybe a 8 inch dick (print shot).

It is different with men and women fucking in the workplace. Two dudes fucking can be the greatest at work. Everything is done on the low, whereas a guy and girl – for whatever reason, people find out and it’s like the Titanic.

Every since that first time, I would catch him staring at me; glancing quickly and then looking off. We played this game of back and forth.. until one day, he head nodded me on his way to the elevator with his “straight work nigga crew”. I didn’t expect him to do that so I looked off but when I quickly looked back at him, he looked a little salted.

Awwww sorry boo….

So next time I saw him on my floor, this Fox sprung into action. I decided to compliment him on something he was wearing (typical DL behavior, right?). We talked and we exchanged names.

Everything was all good that day…. but ever since then, he has not said two words to me after. Confused is not the word. We would look at each other and he would walk right by. He acts like he is too “good” to say “wassup”.

Hmmm…. I didn’t expect THAT outcome…..

My co-worker was talking bout him one day and mentioned that he was gay. Me trying to get the information got her to speak (I’m good at fishing for clues). Somone was telling her that he is gay. Probably one of the gays that work here. They said he isn’t “out gay” but “he cannot be straight with all that attitude he got” gay. I feel he is discreet or DL. Something inside is telling me so. I have noticed dudes do this to another dude when they are either a) secretly attracted to him and fighting feelings or b) homophobic, which often leads to a) but they end up being fucked something serious and turned out….

Plus, he does have way too much attitude to be straight.

Hell, outsiders have said it about me but that is because I dress nice and carry myself a certain way. (We are attracted to what we are, right?)

Lets hope he isn’t a damn bottom.

… and do not get my started on the IT dude who is sometimey with me. One minute he is speaking, next minute he has an attitude. He is just okay in looks but I’d slam dunk on some low key sex type shit.

Later Foxes

3 thoughts on “F@#k His Attitude

  1. tru to all you said,but if yah goin to play the
    “tude” game…..give it right back to him,somedays
    reverse shit if played right is the shit.

  2. I know what you mean about gay dudes giving attitude to hide their secret attraction. I’ve had dudes do that to me and I just thought they were assholes, so I avoided them. Very counterproductive lol.

    I could definitely use a face full of pecs right about now 😉

  3. “he cannot be straight with all that attitude he got” LMAO.

    How much attitude? Straight guys can be pretty bitter and vindictive too when given the opportunity.

    So he’s mad he couldn’t read your eye contact as a go to purse you? If he liked you he should have kept trying. You’re right f**k his attitude LOL.

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