Deitrick Haddon Of The #PreachersofLA Has A Penis Leakage In The Name of God

tumblr_mqckk7GSTd1spmkmao1_500so i spoke about the wonderment that is ( x preachers of la ) last week.
well deitrick haddon,
one of the preachers on the show,
old jumps decided to give his peen offering to funky dineva.
peen pics after bible study?
well seems so.
an f-bi alerted me to the fuckery.
this entry is NSFW,
and “not for the straight eye”

with emails:

shock-gifshouldn’t he be sending her bible scriptures or something?
locations to a baptism school?
shit should i really be surprised at the antics in the pulpit nowadays?

pastors are an untapped “baller wolf” resource.
im more surprised he gave a vixen these shots tho.
i’m just saying.
anyway: god forgive him.
he’ll repent sunday and life will move on.

lowkey: yet “us” is the problem?
“we” are the bad guys and the thirsty ones?
oh ok religious folk.
try again.
that being said…
i’m waiting for the tall sexy one to leak.
wayne “daddy d” chaney.
lets get on it.

story found: funky dineva

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “Deitrick Haddon Of The #PreachersofLA Has A Penis Leakage In The Name of God”

  1. -_- no comment these pastors are funny…at this rate the church is about to become a staple of the past generation…it’s almost like christians themselves are making a mockery of that which they hold sacred…i know we’re all people with a past but wow lol

    1. I hate that my fellow Christians love to make a mockery of my religion and help non-Believers make a mockery of it.

  2. hmmmi am sure he sent it to some other wolf as well with his fine ass self – he could preach the gospel to me any day

  3. Not bad Deitrick, I see you dude. I wonder which one of them messes around tho. The percentages of preachers who get down is around 50% lol.

    I want to see Wayne nude also, but I think he’s one of the good ones so I don’t think that will happen. He is very handsome and likable, and my fav on the show.

    1. i wonder if he Deitrick allowed me to STROKE it would I have MORE RIGHTEOUS HANDS & if i were to SUCK his TASTY looking DICK give me a better singing voice while BANGING me would…HMM!!!

  4. It is amazing how they act to be preachers and pastors at these churches. To me it is strange and I question some behaviors and mannerism they portray. It concerns me greatly that if what and how they act will make unsaved individuals question why should I go to church when those men act the way the do. Money hungry men who are taking advantage of the people!

  5. Individuals who accept Christ and individuals who accept “the call” are still human. We all make mistakes. No one is perfect but the Father. Bible says so.

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