I’m Starting To Think I Need A Preacher Wolf In My Life?

20130627-142913meet the preachers of the flock ya’ll.
this is the cast of the new show “preachers of la”.
the 1.1 million people who tuned in can’t stop talking about it.
i just tuned in and wow.
i think this show may do more harm than good.
not even a second and they were flossing their come up in our faces.
by come up i mean nice cars,
horrible clothes,
and huge cribs.
i have a few thoughts…

that one gang bangin grandpa needs a stylist.
did he really go up on stage with an ed hardy demin jacket,
black leather bags,
and a louvie v bag?
seriously grandpa?
his wife doesn’t even look interested in him.
the white one looks like that guy who played in oz.
he seems the most humble.
that old pimp know he is enjoying that groupie love.
he is single because they all probably DTF in that church.
mr. obnoxious who came to the man cave with the stylists?
he looks like he does way too much all the time.
im told that wasn’t his original wife.
something about cheating with a secretary.
don’t they all?
sideshow bob who was married and then knocked up some other chick?
he went to redeeming himself.
… right.
the tall light one is fine as hell tho.
“who says you can’t be saved and sexual?”
qzr78x…but i am mad they looked like they wanted to fuck right there.
i’d watch.
they both look like sanctified freaks.
all in all…
its ratchet altar call at its finest.
i may tune in.
anyone else watch?

x click here to go to mr. world premiere to watch

“preachers of la” on oxygen comes on weds @ 10pm.

x see more here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “I’m Starting To Think I Need A Preacher Wolf In My Life?”

  1. As always your post is on point! They all looked like a bunch of Pimps except for the Skater Preacher. Bishop McClendon and his S-CURL look like the Pimp Gorgeous Dre from American Pimp.

  2. EarlC all churches and pastors are not like this. That is the reason why people are seeing into the lives of these men before this show ever came on live television. The church is within the individual the building is just a place to go and worship. The biggest problem with people they began to idolize these people or try to place lot hem on such a high pedestal like they are GOD and forget that they human being. GOD has given some his instructions to go preach or teach my word. Then you got some who are not call and get into it for money. This show is going to bring the heat and the light upon this fake mess. Remember GOD is not pleased with mess.

  3. i watched it and it looks more like Preachers on the DL- that is not church- thats a bunch of hoes living double lives making all the doe. As the fine ass one said- when are they going to preach the word of God ? He is right on that. Its sickening and blasphemous. One bunch of sisses – that we dont see on TV! Ill keep watching- somehow I believe we are going to see one or 2 of them fucking each other!

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