Yeezus Went Masculine Queen-zus on Jimmy Kimmel Last Night

1009-kanye-west-large-splash-3i knew when i saw yeezus with kim’ purse headed into the jimmy kimmel show last night…
fuckery was going to be brought.
one of the f-bi alaerted me on twitter that i needed to watch it asap.
i did and…

snIrTjwyeah i’m giving you crazy face too yeezus.
first of all,
i’m convinced yeezus needs jesus.
like i said last night,
he needs a nice swim in the river jordan.
someone write it on his schedule.
secondly he went from one subject to the next,
making no sense,
and going from 20 to 120 in masculine queen mode.
its like he is mad at everything.
everything and everyone is making him mad.
he can’t fully get into the fashion world.
people don’t understand him or the fact he wears the same pants everyday all day.
he wants to be a celebrity,
but doesn’t want to be treated like one.
doesn’t want the media asking him questions,
but does some of the weirdest off the wall shit since britney went bald.
he wants privacy,
but voluntarily breeded with a kardashian.
he’s mad because they won’t let kim get a star?
like, wtf?
what has she done to deserve a star?
no seriously?
doesn’t HE deserve a star before her?

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 3.43.14 PMtruth is kim,
he got you out here looking like a fool too.

at this point yeezus is a walking contradiction.
instead of him realizing the obvious,
teaming up with black designers,
and doing his own thing on his own terms…
he wants to go off on why the whites don’t want nothing to do with him.

tumblr_mufonnLCFr1qarep3o1_500he’s realizing his money and status don’t mean shit to them.
funny enough jay z is doing pretty well without queening out.
yeezus needs smell the “this is the shit storm you created” and wake up.
kanye been on a downward spiral since his mother passed.
his crash and burn is going to be epic.
this also bothered the fuck outta me:

qa5GI9mcould jimmy not tell him he had a nut forming on the side of his mouth??
i nearly threw up looking at it.

lowkey: well played on jimmy’s part tho.
jimmy got him comfortable,
allowed him to lower his guard,
and let yeezus do all the sabotage of his own self.
that’s how you handle the crazy and belligerent.
take notes.
the kanye west i fell in love with,
the one who inspired me as an underdog,
has left the building.
i’uno if he ever coming back.

x see more from the show here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Yeezus Went Masculine Queen-zus on Jimmy Kimmel Last Night”

  1. Kanye does have issues and really does need to get help…it’s so sad too because he’s a creative genius, handsome, and simply amazing however i think the person behind the artist needs help..and artistically i feel like he’s changed also…hopefully he’ll get help before his breakdown comes…SMH i just feel he’s NOT happy i wouldn’t be surprised if we heard of a suicide attempt from him down the line

    1. I think he has suffer a lot with his accident and his mother’s death! He probably need to seek some psychological help, because some people have a hard time releasing death. Then he wants stardom and no telling what he said to Kim just to get with her plus a baby.

  2. Why did you do that?I started gagging a little.I hate people who can’t control their mouths like babies.I can tell Kanye is one of those people because when he talks, his mouth is just loose and all over the place.I bet he spits a lot when he talks too.The make-up lady could’ve wiped that white crack away before he went out on stage.So gross.Yuck.

    1. ^then his delivery was terrible!!!
      he said when he was 18,
      he spent two checks to get gucci sandals.
      it was the most random thing in the whole queen out show.
      he is making a point of why he should be taken seriously…
      and says he bought some damn shoes.
      stadium yeezus.
      find one of the many seats.

      1. He has trouble articulating his thoughts and sometimes he is incoherent. He sounds insane.
        OFF Topic HSK has a story about Benny from The Haves and The Haves Nots being serviced by a guy in Men’s room in ATL.I don’t think he would be that reckless.

  3. I didn’t understand him at all. I’m scared for Kim because I know Kanye is going to beat the shit out of her then buy her expensive gifts to make up for his abuse and then cry, but it will repeat over ‘n’ again til she is dead. Now I know some people is going to say she deserve it because no one told her to spread her legs for him and stay with him. Also do you think Kanye might be illiterate? The reason why I asked is he can’t pronounce his words correctly nor can’t he put a full sentences with right words.

  4. Dude hasn’t been the same since his mom death, and him hanging out with Jay Z dosen’t help either… The price of fame….dude proly sold his soul too…

  5. I understood and understand exactly what Kanye was saying the only point I didnt agree on was Kim kardashian having a star on the walk of fame. Ive interned/worked for Saks Corp so I get where he is coming from on having the knowledge and ideas to produce cool stuff, but not having a major backer to co-sign you, I get when he says he spent his check on Gucci Slippers because at the time that was what was cool and he wants to now be that person who makes cool stuff. I get him not wanting to be disrespected by the media nobody wants to be disrespected in anyway regardless of what someone feels they signed up for. He is actually still the same Kanye he just isnt willing to compromise that for the sake of society the dude is very intelligent you just have to pay attention and understand this industry its levels.

  6. this interview is the truth??? ctfu kim is a mess. I gave up on her awhile ago. I used to think she was one of the prettiest female’s in the world! now her and kanye live on a separate planet. Smh and kanyes missing a couple of levels on the ladder!!

  7. OK Kim is a nice person… but should every nice person deserve a star on the walk of fame! I do feel, Ye’ ha altered Kim mind to not caring about the $$ and focussing on life and making a difference! I have not heard Kim speak since North- compared to Beyonce and everyone else ie: Tamar Braxton! For a woman to not have a voice after such a wonderful occasion sounds strange! But do the MEDIA really care about how North is doing??!!

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