“Dear John” Gaines A Entry Full of Leftover Meat

we have discussed john gaines jr before.
i gotta font ya

…he is “everything” on paper.

nice meat

…you can check the archives for that.
let’s hope the fine print isn’t gross.

i know his vixen is riding him like she on the crosstown bus.
and guess what foxhole?
she is black!

it’s bad i have to applaud a black wolf with a black vixen.
they celebrated their anniversary this past summer.
congrats to them and i’ll continue to allow john.

lowkey: what are the odds of finding a wolf like this…

…that isn’t a liar,
lazy af,
a cheater,
game player,
casper the fuckin friendly ghost,

and an all around fuck boi in general?
it’s hard,

my future wolf gonna put all the others to shame.
yours will too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on ““Dear John” Gaines A Entry Full of Leftover Meat”

      1. I honestly thought he would have more of a presence by now. He has been featured on a few sites.

        I do believe the more exposure he gets, it’s going to cause a problem in his relationship. Let’s be real, he’s young, and he’s gonna have a lot more ass thrown at him than he probably does now. I hope what they have is strong. Not wishing anything bad on them. IJS

  1. He is FINE. I’ve followed him on IG for a months now. He’s damn near perfect as far as looks go. Very handsome face, nice smile, nice haircut, his body etc. His skin tone is everything

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