Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 2.10.33 PMi realize today i can’t go to hoodsworld’s site.
this week i started doing a fast.
no masturbating.
no sex.
anytime i felt the need or urge,
i would go read the bible.
all these “summer time fine” baller wolves are making it hard.
hood ain’t no better.
he updated me on brandon stephens,
( x this entry )
who plays for the detriot lions.
he also put some new shots up of him for me…

tumblr_luhchmVq001qlrleiis this what sexual energy is?
because i’m vibrating.


*goes and turns to psalms… AGAIN*

i want you guys to check out hood’s baller meat locker:

x visit hood’s neck of the woods

tell him jamari sent ya!

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on ““DAMN YOU HOODSWORLD!”… and Exhale.

  1. Dayum you Jamari.. lol No you got me hooked on this website soo much that I save the website as my favorites. lol

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