Confessions of A Scandolous Bottom.

Dear U,

I been thinking of that dude you fucked couple weeks back.
I know and I apologize.
I can’t help it.
The way how you called me
out of breath and your energy drained that night,
I won’t lie,
I wanted a piece of that dick ever since.
The way your voice lights up when you receive a “sex text” from him
I get curious.

I done imagined him fucking me crazy stupid.
Him sliding it real deep until it reaches my heart.
Different scenarios in the pipe laying.
He was the “sexy business man” and I was the “innocent intern”.
He took me into his office, pulled my slacks down, bent me over his desk and ….

Shit I went far as to imagine
even fucking him in some separate room while you was in the same house,
wondering where we were.
My fantasies have been on over drive.

From the way you described him and all his sexiness
all I can think and imagine his dick slipping in between these fat warm tight cheeks.
I been dreaming and having illicit sex fantasies about this dude…
… and I never met him.
I can just feel that he has good dick.
You damn near was sprung.
I want to be sprung and flung on that penis,

Never saw a picture expect for that one from the back.
Just on the strength that he blew your back out,
makes me want to get some of that.

It would be on some scandalous shit if he was your man
but dude was a one night stand going into fuck buddy.
I don’t want him to be my man.
I just want to sample the good good.
Jump on that dick and fuck him to sleep.
we can even take turns fucking him one night.
Put him a sexual coma.
I wouldn’t even mind.

Am I wrong?

Being honest.
Seems like he got a career in twistin’ backs out for a living.
I’m also in that line of work.
But my work is moreso transporting that “work”
in the middle of my butt cheeks and the destination is multiple orgasms.

Sorry I had to be so real but
He needs him a sample of these lean thighs and bedroom eyes.
True story.

Love ya,

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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