Meet me at …

I went out and saw this very attractive tall dude [looked like the bottom]
waiting at the corner,
deep in the cut.
I saw this FIONE shorter dude [the top] approaching him and they did the typical
“dap hug” joint and it looked almost first time-ish.
First thing I thought was:

They are meeting for the first time.

the joys of meeting someone for the first time off a chat site.
Will you like them?
Will they like you?
Will you fuck them?
Or do you think it’s potential?

So many questions.

If you do plan on meeting anyone off a chat site,
here are a few tips for my bottoms:

1. Be prepared

Be clean.
You never know if he may like you enough to bring you back to the spot.
You may be feeling him sexually yourself and want some of that meat that
morning, afternoon, or night.
So get your douche action going and make sure that the booty is ready..

… jussincase.

2. Have Outfit Locked IN.

Like a job interview,
have your first impression game on point.
Would you go to interview for a job looking a hot ass negro mess?

(well I hope for your sake NO).
If you about to go meet some dude that is a potential “whatever”,
at least look presentable.
First impressions mean ALOT.
You do not want to show up looking like you are on the way to the club
but at least be simple yet stand out.
White Tee (CLEAN!).
Nice Jeans.
Hot kicks (CLEAN!).
Hair cut.
Have you scent on swole.
(Smelling nice can trap a nigga QUICK.)
Body lotioned up.
Breath aint stankin (pop some gum if you almost around the corner).
Chain (optional)
Earrings (optional)

If it’s a 2 am/he coming to beat hookup,
basketball shorts.
Light scent.
You do not need to OD.
They coming off anyway.

3. Always bring protection.

Always have a CONDOM on you jussincase.
Do not go meet up with some dude and have no wrap.
He going to try that “fuck me raw” bs
and you do not have time for that BULLSHIT.

4. Public Place 1st.

Always meet in some well lit area.
A trick I use is tell him you are wearing a particular color
but wear something totally different.
Just in case you go meet this dude and he look like Shrek’s step child.
You can be prepared to walk in another direction.
If you see dude and he isn’t that nigga in the picture,
I would be out.
You do not need even an explanation for his lying indignant ass.


5. Keep Others Aware Of Your Situation

Let at least 1 good friend know where you going.
Just in case.

6. Battery Always Charged.

Keep your phone battery on full bars.
If you can,
bring your charger.

7. Do Not Lead The Nigga On.

If you not fucking,
You do not have to fuck him.
If the situation seems sketchy,
it is best you bail instead of giving some random nigga blue balls.
Because you know when you meet someone off the chat sites
they maybe feeling like its a sexual hookup YET you are thinking otherwise.

a big turn off,
is if you acting like you do not want it but you clearly do.
You back at his/your spot and you dick teasing.

Stop it.
You are grown ass man dawg.
It’s 2am and you acting like you brought him over to read the bible.
And do not say “I never do this” because it is very “bird-ish” of you.

One of my tricks: Fuck/Suck/Both and bounce/tell him to bounce.
Cuddling is for Daddy not one nighters.
He came to do a job and once it is done,
be gone – no breakfast/tender kisses in the morning.
If dude is a “potential“,
you will know, TRUST.
Some dudes will appreciate you cutting to the chase and want to know you better.
It can work in your favor after you sex him if you play the right hand.
Acting thirsty will seal your fate though.
Again = do not do for a one nighter that you would for Daddy.

8. He Isn’t Feeling U?

You can tell when a dude isn’t feeling you.
The silence.
The uncomfortableness.
Just bow out gracefully.
Do not look thirsty.
Tell him you gotta bounce and keep it clean.
You do not need to ask any questions.
Just take yo ass home and try again!

Meeting anyone offline is a risk.
They are just as nervous about you as you are with them.
Do not jump to conclusions so easily on if he is feeling you.
Just chill and maintain eye contact, light touches, flirt, and keep it sexy.


If you go into it with doubts,
he will pick up on it and be un-interested.
I know what I am talking about.
I been there before and it ain’t sexy.
Think you the best bottom he EVER met offline and you’ll be good.

A big turn off is if you are a fem
YET you did not come off that way online.

Be honest PERIOD.

That whole using someone else’s pictures,
lying on your closet status,
just one big front in general is for the birds.

You want the top to be honest so you return the favor.

Anything I forgot,
leave a comment.
Would love to hear what you would have to say…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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