Colin and Cam Discuss A Gay Man Named Sam

DOUBLECso i guess every baller wolf will get asked about sam.
michael sam.
that is.
if a mic is in their face,
someone will ask.
well i guess they saw a 2 for 1 special with colin kaepernick and cam newton.
espn asked them what they thought about michael sam in a recent interview…
starts at 2:30ish:

come here.
um when did cam newton get so attractive?
did i miss the memo?
that kaepernick tho>>>>
god i wish i was a big breasted exxxotical because id be on the next flight for his peen in my mouth.
inside voice.
colin looks like a arab HEAVY.
like he should be working at a bodega somewhere in new yawk.
i’m so glad he took my advice,
as i like to think,
and is keeping that facial hair situation going.
well i’m glad they are expressing their “no fucks to give” about michael sam.
speaking of which,
an f-bi sent me a article today from queerty that 51 baller wolves in the nfl took a poll about a gay nfl player.
86% said they would be okay with it,
while 30% said they would refuse to shower with him.
so i guess they’re more tolerant than people think?
they should.
its 2014; not 1914.

see article about poll on: queerty

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Colin and Cam Discuss A Gay Man Named Sam”

    1. Hell yeah I’d send Cam ass packin’!! Ain’t no shame in my game ’cause he does NADA for me! Colin could get it/have it all day, EVERY day!! LOL

  1. You been sleeping cuz I been on Cam’s nuts since he first came into the league.Also, I been saying Colin looks like Osama Bin Laden.

  2. Nice interview. I’m a fan of them both, and they have good personalities. I wish them luck.

    I like Kapernick’s nose, not even gonna lie. It looks great on him.

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