Chris Brown Is On His “Back To Africa” Wolf Swagg

10488677_257603717768903_2059215593_nchris brown and this dashiki he wore out to malibu today.
awesome combo with the tatts.

well here are two more shots

“oh my god.
i love your dashiki chris.
totally vintage.
where do you get it?”




regina*turns my inner regina george off*
…well i will say this jail weight looks good on him.
now if only we can get him to do something about that hair

lowkey: i wonder if i could pull off a dashiki?
*thinks to self*
yeah no.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Chris Brown Is On His “Back To Africa” Wolf Swagg”

  1. Actually this is a good look on him, best I seen him in a while, he looks healthy at least and he looks like he is in his 20’s again and not late 30’s like he was looking a few months ago.

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