Chris Brown Starring In “Givers or Takers” With A Transgendered She-Jackal?

i needed a minute after this one.
as i always like to throw out there,
chris brown had relations with a transgender she-jackal at his house in virginia.
of course she is kissing and telling…
on november 3rd.
save the date!
so this is what she-jackal looks like…
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My Pastor Gives AIDS Better Than Yours!

juan-mcfarland-pastor-sermon-665x385i keep saying you don’t know who got what out here.
it’s a shame that we have to look at pastors as well.
well wait.
we shouldn’t be lookin’ at pastors as “the one to smash”.
well unless he coming with those dollas.
well unless its ( x him ).
well tell that to the congregation of pastor juan mcfarland.
he was so busy getting it in with his flock in the name of jesus,
that he forgot to mention his health status
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Paul George Got Some Pipe Leakage? (Dickland)

tumblr_n2t4oaaUhf1r39lglo5_1280so apparently,
dickland has traveled up the golden forest of the nba.
it seems the owner is pulling some top shelf wolves into his production.
the alleged first on his list?
nba baller wolf paul george
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Ruh Roh (The Storm)

tumblr_n19hq6l4RE1tslp3co1_500there is a storm on the horizon.
can you smell it?
shit i can smell and feel it.
there is a scandal a brewing
(and not the hit show tonight at 10pm on abc).
so one of my blogger favs,
hit me up about the free passes to ( x dickland ) we all got.
it was like christmas on tumblr.
this is what he had to say…
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tumblr_n2nhrdtOns1r39lglo1_500latin heat.
don benjiman.
dezmon briscoe.
al b sure’s son.
everyone welcome to dickland.
well courtesy of the owner,
i don’t know how he does it,
but he has nudes of plenty of wolves i have featured over the years.
who wants to see some peen?
this is NSFW,
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