Breezy Wolf Needs A Few French Fries After He Gets High… Off Life?

well breezy wolf was having the time of his life in cannes, wasn’t he?
he is young.
he needs to let loose and enjoy life.
of course, his kookoopuff was there to support all his ractchetness.
i’d let him have all the fun swimming in that tit soup.
but the next day?
oh, i’d need my own lambo and a few stacks.
let’s take a quick trip through his movie, “ratch-atouille“…

^those were the same sneakers frankie was wearing at his concert.

of course,
no ratchet event could not be quite complete without..

i wonder if they remember:

yeah, check her night vision porno for those receipts.

here are a few videos:


he needs to eat a couple french fries.

he looks a mess.

lowkey: every time i think of him naked,
i get this impression he is shaped very box like.
am i the only one thinking this?
his mid section doesn’t curve.
plus, he has no cakes.
but, he does have a nice solid peen.

32 thoughts on “Breezy Wolf Needs A Few French Fries After He Gets High… Off Life?

  1. You already knew how I feel about Chris(tina). I’m glad the rest of the community is finally opening their eyes and catching up.

  2. I am tired of his antics as well. He needs to take a break from the performance aspect of the industry and lay in the cut. Like, doing his art work,writing, producing, or doing some choreography for other people.

  3. I feel bad for him honestly.

    I honestly and truly feel that inside, he’s tortured. He acts out and is always under the influence because he needs it to cope with who he’s become. It’s sad.

    I also think he has a team of enablers around him. He doesn’t have anybody supporting him to really get him the help that he needs. As long as their check clears at the end of the day, they could careless.

    That’s what happens to a lot of these musicians. They get in the business. They find themselves surrounded by a lot of people who encourage their bad behavior. The record company makes their money. As soon as the money stops rolling in, people disappear and the artist becomes a “has been”.

    That’s one thing that I’ll always give Beyonce. She manages her own shit. She took control from her own father. She doesn’t do drugs. She doesn’t party too hard and she has a group of people around her who follow her call.

  4. Breezy needs to get his stuff together. He looks so nasty and dirty. And too skinny! He’s not at all as sexy and handsome as he used to be and his music is getting bad. Give me Trey Songz all day!

  5. what kills me about chris brown is he was just blacklisted after the incident.
    no one wanted to fuck with him.
    i honestly think because of that,
    he is rebelling now.
    he has become a lost version of himself when he was lost.
    it’s like he is giving a huge “fuck you” to the industry,
    but then wants to still play the victim when people slam him.

    1. You’re correct. He is far a victim. I really want to know what he’s a victim of?

      1. Yes they are quiet enablers. Chris brought this whole mess on himself. Even before the incident, he was in the game long enoguh to know that certain situations place you in the spotlight where society can target you. He should have thought about that before he beat up Rih.

      2. Chris Brown is human and I understand that. He grew up in the industry so he is a spoiled individual. I have a love/hate relationship with him mostly because he reminds me so much of my brother (they both are Taurus). In my personal opinion, he should have let Rihanna alone. It sounds like to me, they weren’t right for each other. She is a strong opinionated individual from the islands and he is a country bumpkin bull head from the country. They didn’t belong together but on ‘record’ they made sweet music. That’s why their camp and the media keep entertaining that fuckery of a lie that they are fuckin. It’s a shame man. Tell em Jamari!

    2. Not to mention those ‘crackers’ (think white ‘niggas’) have been fucking blacks in the ass for centuries. Look at Charlie Sheen…Lindsay Lohan…they can fuck up but yet still get jobs. Charlie Sheen’s sitcom just got picked up for 90 more episodes (or something like that).

      They dogged Micheal. They dogged James Brown. They dogged Whitney. And they will continue to dog Chris Brown. Nobody is safe in the industry unless you are part of the elite crowd.

      Once you get to the top, you gotta stay away from vultures and leechers! The leechers will suck you dry and sell you out while the vultures feed on your remains!

  6. People are going to remember Breezy as a light skin has-been who fucked up Tia Dalma before an awards show.

    Name one song a future artist can remake from Ike Brown? At least Bobby Brown had Every Little Step I Take and My Prerogative. Breezy has what, a coke habit, some tats, and the same two step.

    1. ^you are right.
      too be honest…
      what ARE the songs our the futures?
      we can recall all the great 90s music,
      and even 80s music,
      but nothing from this era of music is remarkable.

      i don’t know one breezy wolf song off the top of my head that was a smash.
      i only remember his music when it comes on iTunes.

      1. Notice how they try to shell out as much singles from the albums as possible! They didn’t have to do that back in the 90s/ early 00! They are pimpin these poor souls for all the money they can make off of them and then they throw the remains to the wolves and vultures.

        Chris Brown is troubled.

  7. I thought Breezy and KoldKoochee broke up?? Ugh…I don’t like her. I hate her almost as much as that bitch Rita Ora. But check out ol dude staring st Breezys cakes in that pic. Wonder what they got into when the club was over.

  8. Breezy reminds me of herpes. You know he’s around, out there somewhere, but when he flares up it gets really nasty.

    Someone needs to take a culture from them bumps on his abs in the fist pump pic. That ain’t heat rash.

    How come Paris hasn’t overdosed yet? Rich white trash bitch. SMH.

  9. I am convince that Breezy is on that stuff. I really want him to get his shit together. He was bitchin on twitter to his delusional ass fans because they didn’t go out and buy his album.

    I swear he won’t make it to 30 with his antics. So sad to see such talent go to waste. I don’t want to EVER be in his nice as they seem!

    1. His album is garbage that’s why it won’t sell. Nobody wants to hear that techo bullshit puts out. All he has is female fans anyway. Back between “05-08” Chris Brown was that nigga that all the niggas were fuckin with. I was even riding him back then. People like him want to always talk shit about us outsiders, but if it wasn’t for us they would not be making money.They wouldn’t be selling albums and booking sold out concerts. People like Chris would be working a simple 9 to 5 if it wasn’t for us, or should I say them because he doesn’t please me one bit. I don’t even want to get in his guts like I used to anymore.

      l wonder where Chris Brown’s career be when he’s 30? He think he’s not selling albums now, oh you just wait, the worst is yet to come.

      1. Both, he is the new Bobby Brown, and he will nevcer be Michael Jackson or anything close. When you’re famous and brutally beat beat a woman the people will never let you live it down. When that incident happened between him and Rihanna, his career and life changed forever, we all know it but he doesn’t.

        1. ^but let me ask you this,
          michael jackson’s life in the entertainment world was filled with drama.

          can chris suddenly turn it around and do well,
          Or judging from his personality,
          Is he slowly over?

          It seems like we are only putting up with him because no one else has come along.
          everyone is starting to prefer him over

      2. Chris would never be Micheal…not on Michael’s worst day.

        Micheal was plagued drama because who he was. He had all the wrong people around him. Those kids and their family lied on him and ruined his career. And there were the lies that the tabloids would tell of his surgeries (not that he helped…). They dogged him for decades. Broke the poor man down just like they did Whitney!

        Hell look how the media is twisting the drama around and making his family out to be the bad guys. I believe Katherine is being brainwashed as his children are. I believe Randy, Janet (and family). Micheal was murdered because he was worth more dead then alive. I believe the same people who were responsible for Micheal’s death is trying to get at his mother and children. And then there were the millions he owed. White folks don’t play about their money. Ask Whitney.

        If Chris Brown died tomorrow, it would be a sad day but he would never have the impact Michael did. All he will be known for is his teeny boppin’ music and that incident with Rihanna.

        He has a better shot at being the next Bobby Brown. So freakin sad!

        (I didn’t mean to go in on Mike but I am just so sick of the media and how they are dogging the Jackson family.)

      3. Chris can’t turn it around. He’s to the point of no return. “They” only put up with him because no one else is around. He will slowly be over. Someone new will come in the picture just give it time. By 2020, we’re going to be saying Chris Brown who?

      4. People get it twisted when they say Michael had all his problems so Chris can rebound…understand this Michael Jackson might have been crazy ass all Bat Shit but he was a Genius, Chris Brown on the other hand has the intelligence of a 7 year old chimp….this is where the comparisons end. LOL

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