boosie goes on the breakfast club to stand up for the kids and straight males over lil nas x

everyone is entitled to their own opinion,
but it doesn’t mean we have to like it.
as a blogger,
i know full well how my opinion can tilt others.
as much as i have the choice to stand in my opinion,
others have the option to not accept it.
it’s totally fine.
boosie went on “the breakfast club” to speak to all straight males today.
they pressed him on a number of issues including his stance on lil nas x,
who happens to be his arch-nemesis

i love how he danced around how toxic straight male rappers can be.
he said he wanted to be like straight male rappers when he was younger.
i believe he achieved his mission on all their worst traits.

This is the same jackal who was bragging about having an older she-jackal suck his young son’s dick.

all the straights who revel in their masculinity applauded that,
but they would legit shoot you if it was their daughters and some grown jackal.

by watching this video,
you can tell boosie is very angry with lil nas x.
the mere mention of his name,
you could see the fire within his eyes.
he claims he doesn’t need therapy:

i think he could stand to speak to a therapist.
there is a dark cloud over him and he seems to be lashing out at gays.
gays who are simply trying to live their best life and mind their business.
stunts aside,
lnx is not doing anything someone black with an opportunity is doing.
he just happens to be gay.
boosie’s main thing is “the kids” might get corrupted by lnx,
which is giving lnx way too much power.
lnx and gays live in his head rent-free.
i hate to break it to boosie but the kids are already corrupted.

It’s called social media,
video games,
and real-life experiences.

at this point,
i don’t think (sane) folks take boosie seriously tbh.
i’m sure he has his stans because some folks need a battery for their backs.
he is the old man who sits on his porch and fires insults at people passing by.

as kids,
we learned to provoke those types by throwing rocks at their windows.
the gay “kids” will continue to do the same with boosie.
if you choose,
you can watch his whole interview:

lowkey: if he ever found out the number of rappers who did gay shit to get put on,
especially ones he probably knows or looked up to,
i think he might die of a heart attack.

12 thoughts on “boosie goes on the breakfast club to stand up for the kids and straight males over lil nas x

  1. Ummm maybe I’m a bit too old but ummm whats his claim to fame? Why do they give him a platform when this dude can’t string a sentence together 🙄🙄 just asking for a friend

  2. Honestly I can’t wait til he falls face first into obscurity and full on becomes the has-been he’s been aiming for.

  3. Straight people want to be oppressed so bad. Not one single gay person uttered a word about straight folks until they attacked us and this includes Boosie. The lockdown must have left him with some trauma because he has not kept his mouth closed since he has been released about gays. Attacking us is the only thing keeping him relevant if we’re being honest

  4. This is a cry for D.
    Look where he went to discuss this when he has no projects to promote.
    He knows DJ Envy is busting Charlamage DOWN and wants a threesome.
    No straight man has a mold of their butt made and gives it to another man. I know DJ Envy busts in that butt mold DAILY.
    And I guarantee if you ask their wives, they’re always hanging out with ‘their boys”.

    The wives likely step out to and it’s a mutually agreed arrangement.

    Boosie is like those “ladies only”, but all up in my DM types. Ignore him.
    I cannot wait for Dave East to get exposed.

  5. People still giving him attention? I could be wrong but I have never seen a “straight” man this pressed about what gay people are doing.

  6. FUCK HIM & HIS “OPINION”!! Hope that diabetes kills his ghetto, uneducated, black burnt, ugly, ass soon… and the same for anybody who thinks like him!!!
    & YES I AM ANGRY AND I SAID WTF I SAID so no need to @ me

    1. As deeply disturbed as this man is, disparaging is skin tone comes off as colorist and anti-black.

      1. and even after all that IDGAF & I SAID WTF I SAID!!!!! I’ll be whatever you want me to be Boosie is BLACK, BURNT, IGNORANT, and UGLY ASF AND I SAID DONT AT ME

          1. Some cute sissy broke his heart into a million little pieces.
            Boosie needs someone to kiss those soft, crusty lips and love all his hurt away. For real.
            He is soooo sexy when he mad.
            Group hug for Boosie errbody.

    2. I hope Boosie lives and manages his diabetes, but more than that, I hope he finds the love he needs. Somebody gots to love this pitiful critter out of the hate and disappointment that is engulfing him. Someone dumped him for another celly when he was on lockdown. He caught feelings for another man who later betrayed him.
      All this disparaging comes from a deep sense of hurt and distress..
      He should dig a hole in the ground and whisper that secret into the center of the earth, then cover it. It will restore his equilibrium and mental balance.

  7. All jokes aside he seriously needs to seek professional help for his obvious mental illness. He’s worried about Lil Nas X corrupting children meanwhile not thinking about how his F&@KED UP actions corrupted his own kid and kids who know about it. Just IGNORANT! He is an EMBARRASSMENT to the entire black and brown community. In his case maybe she should have just swallowed.

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