so onlyfans isn’t, kinda, sorta, not really, maybe/maybe not, banning sex work?

so what is the truth with this onlyfans situation?
we got sex workers panicking out here.
if they aren’t highkey vex,
they’re trying to build websites just so they continue to do their thing.
tyga erased his onlyfans is ( x starting his own website ).
lucky rashad is on the same wave too:

i’m shocked “justforfans” isn’t trying to swoop in for the kill.
is there misinformation happening tho?

is onlyfans really banning sexual content at the beginning of october?
a foxholer sent me this

yet the news articles:




…are not saying anything about this screenshot.
so lemme add the oprah gif for good measure:

let this be a lesson foxhole.

If they want to change up their shit,
they can do that.

you don’t own your platform.
you are simply renting.
it doesn’t even matter if you have 100m followers and pull in revenue for them.
like a job:

We at their mercy.

always remember that.

lowkey: i feel the new world order is happening soon.
they might be trying to get us all in line.
this seems like the start of more shit to come.

9 thoughts on “so onlyfans isn’t, kinda, sorta, not really, maybe/maybe not, banning sex work?

  1. So basically on the app, its a big censored blurred version is what they are saying or something. You can watch it uncensored on desktops but on the app, it has to be censored or Google and Apple shutting them down. Snapchat, Twitter, and Tumblr still shows porn. People sell private snaps of sex shows.

  2. Alot of them sex workers do private custom video any how pay three cash app video sent to phone so sum will loose others will continue to shine

  3. Accounts must be closing at a rate they weren’t expecting. You can’t put the cat back in the bag.

  4. Numerous countries around the world don’t even allow folks to watch porn so we’re lucky

    1. Yeah but there are ways around it, like black markets, VPNs, and legal loopholes. Japan doesn’t allow penetration to be shown, so japananses porn has to be pixelated, but the pixels are so big you can still see whats happening.

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