Beyonce Has A Surprise That Will Drop Soon

one thing i’ve learned from beyonce is the art of timing.
i have also learned mystery from her as well.
she knows when to drop albums and news.
she also keeps her celebrity like the old school stars.
she gives us enough,
but keeps something to herself.
well she dropped a bomb on instagram for us…

it was so hard for them to have cubs before.
God allows things during his timing.
it usually happens when it’s just right.
congrats to b and jay!

lowkey: i love how she announced it on the first day of black history month.

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “Beyonce Has A Surprise That Will Drop Soon”

  1. Jamari, babe, I was wondering when you were gonna post this news. She about to be at the Grammy’s profanation, which means no choreo. Plus, this means she was pregnant doing all that choreo while on tour. That explains why she would get tired and awkwardly stop in the middle of a routine. This woman is a master of surprises. The girls are MAD ’cause they can’t take her!

    1. as a stan of Bey Dont think she wont give you a choreo. Because let not forget she a whole concert Live at Roseland: Elements of 4 with a choero 6 month pregnant and let not forget that billboard performance in 2011

  2. no shade, but at this point of life there are MORE pressing issues going on in the world.

    1. There are always more pressing issues going on in the world but sometimes it’s nice to hear good news when we are constantly bombarded by bad news.JMHO

      1. ^
        Exactly, It’s the key difference between a blog you check frequently and every once in awhile. All bad news, all the time just kills my vibe. I need to be in a certain mood before I bother with sites like that.

    2. LOL go watch CNN then. Folks like you kill me with these type of comments. Believe it or not, there ARE actually people who follow this blog who look forward to posts like this. Nobody forced you to click this page. #next

  3. I was so happy when I found out that she was pregnant and especially twins. She is about to have her hands full lol.

  4. I said the same thing about her timing!! This woman is so calculating with EVERYTHING that it is actually admirable. She releases 4 solo albums then gets pregnant by the age of 30. She gives birth and then performs at the inauguration and the Superbowl a year later & then follows up with a tour only to then releases a surprise album at the end of that same year. Which means more publicity so she extends the tour and then that whole elevator thing happened RIGHT before she announced a joint tour with Jay-Z. On the Run sold out.

    Fast forward to 2016, she releases Formation right before the Superbowl where she will be performing it (More publicity) and then announces a world tour after her superbowl performance goes viral. Then what does she do right before the tour? Release an album.

    I know she has a team (like every celebrity) behind her that helps with all of this but this woman’s BRANDING alone is phenomenal.

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