Twitter is making it real hard for these Baller Wolves….

Now all you longtime MTOers knows that we here at are big fans of the LOVELY Pilar Sanders. She’s beautiful, classy, and intelligent. It HURTS OUR HEART to put her business out in the streets like this.Anyways, new evidence suggests that her husband, NFL legend Deion Sanders was CREEPING with a 19 year old girl.
What evidence? We got TEXTS from the girl to Deion’s set-up man, NFL player Pacman Jones. We got texts between her and Deion, we got a flight itinerary, sent from Deion’s assistant (the email is sent from S-mac entertainment – Deion’s company).
Oh, and we got pics of what appears to be Deion IN THE BED with the girl. And JUST in case you STILL don’t believe the girl. She got pics of his custom CAR KEYS!!! SMH . . .
FYI – THIS is what you call EVIDENCE of creeping. There are RUMORS on the net that Swizz Beatz is cheating on Alicia. We INVESTIGATED those claims last week, and determined that they were MADE UP LIES.

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Source: Mediatakeout


Are these hoes getting paid for this shit?
This is now getting a bit ridiculous…

Niggas gonna have to start using payphones LOL.

Author: jamari fox

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  1. LOL I think that ballers who are married and do stuff like this want to get caught on some level. Working in Hollywood I know by first hand knowledge many actors who are serial adulterers bot str8 and gay and have been for years and they never get caught doing dum stuff like this. These guys have a lot of resources to hook up with whatever more discreetly.

      1. Jar

        Ya know the weird thing that I learned in my travels and I am not saying that these behaviors or preferences are across the board but it seems like a lot of footballers are into transsexuals and most basketballers are foxes.

  2. Jar:

    I think that the point of getting caught is when they get their business posted all over medial takeout lol. Whenever there is a paper trail the chances of getting caught is significant. The thing that make me want to hit my head against the wall is that many of these ballers, actors, and politicians because they have money they have access to a plethora sexual venues that they can go to and significantly lower their chances of getting caught. There are so many professional escort services that they can to that are designed to keep everything discrete. I hope I answered your question.

    1. If she’s 19, then that’s probably true. She likely knows nothing about football & Deion played when she was a baby.

      I can’t muster any sympathy for someone caught cheating, though. Welp, there goes Deion’s holiness rep…smh

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