A Wrestler Steps On Out As “Bisexual”

everyone meet anthony bowens.
he wrestles.
he also has a secret he thought he could keep hidden,
but it ended up getting revealed by this video he posted on youtube

an f-bi alerted me that anthony came out as bisexual recently.
^that is his boyfriend next to him.
his instagram has more:

another one who makes an announcement and isn’t dating “black”.
how grand.
just by his actions,
he doesn’t seem like the type that would date black.
look at his friends.
that looks like that is all he knows.
it was like the discussion i was having about golden tate.
he plays for the detriot lions and he married a snow bunny.
well the pretty vixen was appalled at this:

…and i had to show her this video:

are we surprised with who he married?

the straights announced every day they are getting married,
but i don’t see everyone rushing to the altar.
and damn near every other celeb,
is having twins.
i also don’t see a line down at the ivf clinic.
the gays come out and it is the same narrative:

“i did it so it can encourage others to be brave too!”

they go and do that before they’re sure of themselves,
the admiration wears off,
they start to suffer from ( x gay loneliness ),
and they kill themselves.
rather it should always be:

“i came out because i wanted to do it for myself and only myself”

i don’t really give a fuck who comes out the closet.
i don’t need someone to do something for me to do it.
if that’s the case,
i’d be the next “oprah”.
it would be nice tho to see some publicized gay black love.
is it more accepted when the coffee is creamed than straight black?
that teaches those who need to be hand held that they need interracial gay love to be accepted.
it’s always this fan fare when it’s “black on white” which leaves me unimpressed.
to anthony and michael.
may they continue to have a happy union within their forest.

lowkey: i’ll stick to loving the relations that is kellon and khaleel.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

37 thoughts on “A Wrestler Steps On Out As “Bisexual””

  1. Soon as i saw his bf i felt like how they assume black women feel whenever a black dude dates white. Honestly though im saddened that our narrative of coming out only/mostly happens when we date outside. I really want black love in the gay world but we don’t even have representation of that it seems at least public/out there.

    I don’t want to be negative so im happy he’s happy.

  2. Is Anthony black? He looks more Hispanic to me. Either way, I’m conflicted about interracial love. On one front, living in Arizona where there is a black guy/white girl relationship literally around every corner has become so exasperating. I would probably say there are more mixed kids than black people at this point lol. Shoot, just looking at Golden Gate cooning with that hat and big was smile is making my head hurt. All that mess for some light skinned babies smh.

    I want to be for equal love but the way some of these black men come off is sickening, especially the way they put down black women (when some haven’t encounter a black pucci since the day they were born).

    On the other hand, since gay relationships aren’t structured for procreation, I have less care if people date who they want. I would say sleep with one eye open. Some of those white gays are racist as f**k. Why do you think they are trying so hard to come from under the “minority” category? They want their God given birthright: white privilege. Now, Not all white gays but more than you think. Just because Get Out starred a str8 couple does not mean it won’t happen to you.

    Regardless, congrats to the adorable couple Anthony and Mike lol

  3. ” is it more accepted when the coffee is creamed than straight black?”

    It is, but the coffee tends to be weaker when mixed. It’s a beautiful thing for people to find love, but something excites me about black love. Gay or straight. I feel its like a social level up when you get someone white.

    1. Comments such as yours is the reason why its so hard to actually like white people. The men that you actually do have are our rejects. And it’s not like you like them for who they are, yall like them for stereotypical sexual reasons. We are nothing but a fetish to you all. Keep the ones you have. We don’t want them back.

  4. Of course I don’t have a problem with people choosing who they love, date, marry but enough is enough. I have nothing against interracial couples, but I do have a problem with these black men like who get with a white or exotic women to have these mix babies. These black stupid ass athletes really kill me with their logic, they have access to all these beautiful black women but go ahead and choose white or exotic women. I was really about to go in but I’m not. All I can say is I love black love and would love seeing more black gay love, I can’t wait till I find my black king.

    1. I agree. I feel the exact way you do. Love is love. I personally want black love. I am open to any love the Universal has for me but I would prefer black love. The issue that some people have with some of these interracial relationships is that some seem to seek out everything they are not. Almost as if they’re running away from what makes them, them which is black. As if black is the worst thing they can be and they don’t want to pass it down to their children. Sad yo. Fuck em.

  5. It has never bothered me when people date outside their race. Honestly if the person is happy isn’t that what matters most?

  6. Do we know the reason why they’re dating? We know nothing of his preferences and/or assumed issues. All we know is this ONE guy. Without background, hold judgment

    1. This is my approach as well. Until I have a reason to think otherwise, I just leave it alone. It’s not my issue.

    2. Exactly. For all we know black ppl may consider him too “white” to be into him. Or he could have grown up around more wht ppl and doesn’t connect with many of the black folk he runs into or this guy he’s with could just be a great guy or whatever. As long as they are not spreading anti-black mess/praising wht as superior/wouldn’t even consider a black person i’m kinda like let them do them.

  7. I don’t deal with white dudes much…the whole Mandingo, big black cock fantasy thing that goes on with most of them is tiresome. Plus white dudes tend to approach me in what I think is a disrespectful way — no matter how broke down and busted they are they think Black men are supposed to cater to them. Fuck that. And really, to me there is nothing hotter than a black man.

    Some news articles identify Anthony Bowens as biracial meaning there is a 90 percent chance his Mom is white. So he may be more comfortable with white men.

    That’s his thing. I wish nothing but happiness for him.

    However, it gets tiresome when Black athletes have to come out via the white gay community. Michael Sam. Jason Collins. Wade Davis. I could go on I guess.

    But to be honest do you blame them. Homophobia is still much worse in the Black and Latin communities. You can submerge yourself in the white gay world and just ignore all that hate.

  8. This black guy at my job who btw swears he’s half Puerto Rican but clearly black as hell actin as if saying Puerto Rican will stop the police from profiling his black ass. Anyways he blatantly is always like “I hate black guys” “they’re not cute to me” “I love white guys and lights kind Spanish men” SMH

  9. Anthony Bowens looks white–very white–to me. He may possibly be part black, mixed or mulatto. An Internet search indicates that he’s bi-racial. Therefore, he’s not black.

  10. I have zero issue with Black dudes dating White guys (Hell I could date one). What does rub me the wrong way however is when the Black guy is a 10/10 but the white guy is a 6/10 at best. It can come off like they are just desperate to be with someone white. That could also be me being more lenient in what I find attractive with minority men vs white men.

  11. Look, I’m just a random guy on the internet, so no one has to take anything say as truth, but God damn, people.

    I’m so confused how some of you feel like A) it’s his duty to date black and B) all interracial couples are basically trying to fit into “white society”.

    Believing this, and encouraging this has got to be one of the most stupid things people can do for progress. Always talking about how one system tramples the other, but then whenever someone decides that they are mature and confident in themselves enough to see past the color lines they get ridiculed. How do you not see the racism in that?

    We don’t know his life, nor did we buy shares in it in order to decide How it should be run. For all anyone knows, this guy saved his life, or they both bonded over a strong appreciation for the golden girls, or whatever it is that brought them together. HE LOOKS HAPPY! that should be the takeaway. How many of us could say they found love that they feel the need to share to the world.

    Do people feel if he dates black, he’s dating them? Do we realize this thinking is as asinine as if we got angry because he chose to date women, black or white?

    And here we are talking about how freaky HBCU’ s are and how much black frat guys get down, but here someone finds love regardless of race and some of us explode over it because its a different color?

    Way too much self hate and loathing going on here. Let this kid enjoy his life for what it is. I’m sure some of us would wish we were that happy and in love.

    And I’m not hating on anyone, I’m just saying.

    1. +1,000,000

      I couldn’t agree more, but you and I know these people are either going to get mad and attack you or ignored you because the truth is hard to swallow.

    2. i’m glad someone else is finally saying it. I find this topic exhausting these days so I’ve stopped bothering. People are so worked up over what one person is doing or who they are currently dating then brush the whole group with the same brush. If I started dating a white guy tomorrow and had it all over the intenet, everyone would fall into the stupid trap of assuming that’s my preference without actually knowing me or talking to me based off of their own anecdotal evidence. Honestly, these people are a waste of time. If they want to get mad over the trivialities of someone else’s life, I say let them. Says more about them.

      When are people going to realize that you can’t control what others do, but you CAN control what YOU do, so focus on YOU!

  12. And here’s some sort of assurance to help your color-blocking selves sleep at night: there is still plenty of black+black love in the world. This one just doesn’t need to be it.

    Seriously tho, start looking at the soul guys, not at the skin.

    And to the one guy who likened it to “get out”. Jesus Christ, take the movie for the movie that it is and don’t think there’s a global conspiracy going on with those relationships.

  13. Look at the all “love is love” “I don’t see color” negroes in the comments swooping in to defend and protect all things white. If only the gay white community were as inclusive and protective to gay black men and other gay PoC as you are of them. Gay mainstream media doesn’t even bother to include black men unless they’re with a white partner. I challenge you to go to any gay white mainstream blog and find a black man who doesn’t have a white partner or better yet, just find a black man PERIOD. I’ll wait

    You may pretend that you don’t see color, but white gays absolutely see color. They make it that very clear with “No blacks” “No Asians” etc. written all over their profiles or when they message you with with their mandingo thug fantasies about how much they want your big BLACK cock

    So you can keep living in your colorblind fantasy world where your anything but an object to be shunned and ignored or a novelty to be fetishized by the gay white community

  14. I follow about 100 black gay guys on IG,90 percent are in relationships with black guys.Most of the black gay guys I personally know , I’d say 75 percent of them ,only date black guys.According to Census reports, most black men in this country ,over 80 percent ,are married to black women.My point is most black people in this country are in relationships with black people.So I am baffled why some people act like #blacklove is an endangered species or going extinct.

    As for white people and white blogs and white magazines of course they don’t cover black couples, they barely cover black single people.Out and The Advocate have had more straight white men on their covers than LGBT People of Color.So don’t look to them to celebrate black gay relationships, black gay blogs exist.Black organizations like the Gentlemens Foundation(Atlanta) and BetterBrothersLA and The G List Blog and many others celebrate black LGBT love and black LGBT accomplishments.
    One of the black gay guys I follow on IG is director Anthony Hemingway,he has a black partner Steven Norfleet.Anthony won an Emmy for People vs OJ.He is the main director of Underground.My point is there are many black gay men in relationships with other black men and their relationship doesn’t have to be lauded by white gay blogs or publications.Google them.

    One last thing I find it interesting that some people criticize interracial relationships and in the next breath criticize black gay couples like Kellon and Khaleel😒Be better,not bitter.

    When I am not in a relationship I don’t blame white women just like I don’t blame gay men(some women do).I look at the person in the mirror.☺
    Good luck to all couples gay, straight, black, interracial…

    1. We need far more voices like yours and others in this thread. It’s like the twilight zone race-reversal version of Loving v. Virginia.

      I thought we fought for such openness to love who we want to love, regardless of race. Some growing up needs to happen. And again, I’m not hating on anyone, but we can do so much better.

  15. Funny comments. There is a lot of Black love AND black hate when it comes to these things. Black on Black love is embraced…(well at least straight black love) cause ain’t man supposed to be lying up with no man, as most of them say (Blacks dnt be supporting all that). And yea, some Whites do fetishise black men.

    I guess it all depends on who u like. I’ve had crushes on a few white guys before but overall, I’m not attracted to them physically. I love Black, Brown (whatever you want to call it) and Latino Men (Afro-Latino). Idk, maybe it is because that’s what I’m accustomed to ,but seeing an Ebony brotha (& sista) is something to behold.

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