HBCU: Where The Real Meat and Potatoes Is At?

i had the choice of going to an hbcu in the early 2000s.
i passed on it due to…
i don’t even know.
that was during “wild af” phase.
i always wanted to experience the southern hbcu college life.
as i watched “the quad” on bet,
it pains me that i never got to experience it.
i know a few vixens who went and loved it.
star fox went to one briefly down there.
i remember him liking it and the pipes he was getting too.
i hear the frat wolves down there are some real freaks also.
like so…

i would have him eat my insides out with that tongue!

maybe it’s good i didn’t go.
i would have been a straight up hoe.

lowkey: with a tongue like that,
i could see me with 2 or 3 dl frat wolves on “eat the bunz” rotation.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “HBCU: Where The Real Meat and Potatoes Is At?”

  1. I truly enjoyed my time at Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama. What a time,what a time!!!!

    1. I’m from Montgomery, graduated from Morehouse, and went home to get my Master’s. I know exactly what you mean, man….

  2. I said the same thing recently about wishing i went to an HBCU. I went to a pwi and all my peeps who went to hbcus have so much pride for their school. All I have is insurmountable debt lol. Cant look back though, but i would look back if homeboi was behind me with that tongue. What dors the fox say!

  3. Chile, dem ques at the HBCUs are the BIGGEST freaks ever! Kappas are as well! Damn, let me fuck a Que dog! Shit!

      1. *pours tea* well, my experience with a frat man back in 2004. I was a younger fox and he was an older wolf with cubs and he was a member of Kappa Alpha Psi. I was still living at home with my grandparents because at that time I was jobless and wasn’t going back to school. I was 19 or 20 back in 2004 and I met him on an online gay dating website. He came to my house and he was such a gentleman. We talked outside in my grandparents’ yard and my grandmother asked me who it was, and I was like, “my friend.” She didn’t need to anything beyond that. When she left (to go work for the massa), the Kappa wolf came back and I snuck him into the house. My grandfather was asleep and didn’t even know what was going on. I lead him to my bedroom and we had sex. It was so good that now today I miss him. He was so good that I asked him to come back and he did later on in the year. Men like him you don’t get to see or meet often online unless its for hookups. I wish I had a man like him as my permanent boyfriend/husband. And no, he was not an effeminate bisexual man either.

  4. I have been attended (2) HBCUs and I loved it. I also pledged my fraternity there too (Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.. Blue Phi!!!!!). It is definitely an experience I think everyone should have. It is literally a different world when you step on a HBCU campus.

  5. well, I went to Howard and I had a ball…and yes, I have been with a guy from each of the major black frats…had an ongoing relationship with a sigma…some of the best sex I ever had…

    1. HU ’07 @butchie. Yea. HBCUs make us feel proud and everyone gets down. Even if you think they don’t. I was in a relationship for three years with a Sigma as well. Trash ass pineapple. Lol.

    2. Amen, ain’t nothing like sex with a frat boy. I had a guy from each one too, Omegas and Kappas are my favorite.

      1. Yaaas! I wanna fuck an Omega Psi Phi brother or even marry a Kappa Alpha Psi brother. Hell, hook me up with a Phi Beta Sigma who I call “big country” or “muscle zaddy.”

  6. What’s crazy is I spent two years at a southern HBCU, but didn’t lose my virginity until I transferred to a PWI…. but I have to say, the best sex I’ve ever had was with an Alpha at my PWI. We still keep in touch in case we’re ever in the same area 😂

      1. PWI= predominately white institutions or in this case Jamari, Vanderbilt University, LSU (Louisiana State University: Odell’s alma matter), University of Florida, University of Miami, Florida State University, University of Texas, Texas Tech University, University of Southern California, University of Washington, Oregon University, Texas A&M University, Brigham Young University, etc. Both private and public schools that aren’t HBCUs.

  7. I go to an HBCU. It’s cool but there aren’t that many DL frat guys. It really made me realize how few of us there are, and how fewer there are of us in the hard sciences.

    1. I just want my own ambitious black scientist/physicist/engineer I can cuddle with and talk about work with.

  8. Haha. You guys are funny. I went to a PWI b/c I didn’t want distractions, however since I was surrounded by HBCUs, I had my fair share of those dudes. But don’t sleep on PWIs. We still had athletes and frats too.

    Damn I miss college.

  9. Oooooh, had to jump in on this one. LOL. Went to an HBCU known for having gay men (mostly hybrids, not wolves), across the street from an HBCU medical school and had the time of my life. Had a husband-material boyfriend for 3 years. Wouldn’t trade my experience for the world!!!! And this was literally 25 years ago…

  10. Nah, I’ve heard about HBCU it but had no interest in ever going to one. Though interestingly, I was chatting with a younger peer of mine, ot rather listening to his rambling at a table. When he mentioned something about wanting to go to SU and something about in order to pledge for this frat he said something about dudes having to take turns to see if they can make a girl squirt. If she squirts the dude gets in but if she is dry as the desert…he failed…

    I was disgusted with his bantering and gave him a look to signify my disdain…But yep I don heard some things about frat boys being BIGGGG FREAKS at HBCU. I have regular classes with dudes who were in Frat and they sounded freaky too. You would overhear them talking about ‘that party’s last night.

  11. The only thing I regret about my time at two HBCU’s is not being more forward with some of the wolves…..but I DID enjoy myself a time or two….

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