A Broken Window Breaks Twice

today started out so well too.
after i wrote that entry,
i was on top of the world.
my fox swagg was coming back.
i was gonna go get some more groceries and get my fur trimmed.
that is until i went to make some tea and the pilots wouldn’t light.

“fuck me.”

i called my landlord and he told me there was a gas leak

he told me to open up a window just in case.
it was damn near 18 degrees,
but whatever.
now the window in my living room is faulty.
i usually need to prop it open.

it was starting to get cold af in my living room.
as soon as i was pulling the window down,
it came right out of the slot.
i tried everything in my power to put it back in.
for whatever reason,
it wouldn’t fit.

“that’s what he said.”

i call my landlord to tell him about the window.
as soon as i turn my back,
i hear this commotion behind me.
the window falls off the ledge and cracks.
you can only guess my response.

my landlord is currently trying to find someone to fix/replace it.
that was 4 hours ago.
i have a plastic bag and duct tape where my window should be.
my living room also feels like a scene in “frozen”.
i can’t “let it go” because every time i walk in there,
i want to throw a tantrum.
the devil just couldn’t let me have a day.

lowkey: is 2017 starting off a mess for anyone else?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “A Broken Window Breaks Twice”

  1. Bruh! All these posts are the true-story, you can’t make this shit up that novels are enlivened by. You are the protagonist in your true lies (fictional telling) of THESE experiences in a fictional, narrative form. Really, you just can’t make this shit up, and if you can assess the situation from a writer’s perspective – what would be the overarching story you would tell, weaving these details about their story and inputs to their character development?

    Take the bricks thrown at you and build your castle!

    1. ^and it still ain’t fixed!

      im glad im not the type of writer who creates shit for clicks.
      this shit is really going down in my world b.
      my friends (and the foxhole) are always tuned into my real life adventures.
      im also glad i can share this with you guys.
      i get interesting perspectives from foxholers across the united states and beyond!

  2. Think on the bright side, at least they found out about the gas before it was too late so while it sucks that you will be extremely cold (I’m so sorry about that), now your landlord will have to replace that window and your building won’t be falling prey to that gas or worse.

  3. That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling Jamari. This year just hasn’t been good. My roommates are always doing some crazy shit in the apartment or being loud, I’m still in the closet and my friends are starting to throw around the word Faggot more because some guy running for office at our school is gay, there’s this fine new guy on campus I wan to talk to because he’s fine and carribean, and I’m still trying to balance work and school and make line without being outted.

    We both got some rough months ahead, but we’ll make it through.

    1. Sacrifice is defined as “the act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else more important or worthy. Sacrifice comes in many forms and may not always be convenient.

      1. ^wow this is pretty deep.
        i felt a life changer with this.
        when bad things happen,
        it could be propelling us towards our blessings.

    2. When unfortunate events happen, especially events I have no control over, I try to remember this poem I read long ago and it gets me out of my “why me” feelings. Maybe it will help you out too.

      Although in agony he hung,
      No murm’ring word escaped his tongue.
      His high commission to fulfill, …
      He magnified his Father’s will.
      He dies a sacrifice for sin, …
      That man may live and glory win.

      1. ^i love this paul!
        thank you.
        even tho the window is a mess,
        and the whole building is without gas,
        im pretty over it now.
        there is nothing i can do but wait.

  4. Omg that SUCKS! This is such a bad time for your window to be out of commission.Jeez. When it rains, it pour huh? LOL I can relate. If it’s anywhere near as cold as it is here, I really feel bad for you. I believe Toronto y NY gets pretty much the same weather, in which case, you need that window fixed ASAP.
    I feel like something like this would happen to me. I have the WORST luck too LOL!

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