I Think We Can Fix Aunt Wendy A Plate Again

10-wendy-williams.w529.h529it takes a certain level of maturity to apologize.
not many have it.
it doesn’t make you look weak or even effect your reputation.
i actually respect those who can right their wrongs with an apology.
well as you know,
wendy williams was wrong with her statements about hbcus.
roland s martin called her out and she called him to be on her show today.
this is how it went down…

v1Y23Qwell kudos!
there may just be hope for aunt wendy.
roland gave her a pleasant intellectual dragging.
she had no choice but to admit defeat.
even though i’m sure her heels with find a way in her mouth again,
it’s impressive she was mature about this.

*takes aunt wendy off the potential banishment list*

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “I Think We Can Fix Aunt Wendy A Plate Again”

  1. I’m sorry but Wendy is too old to be that ignorant. This is what happens when you shelter your children too much.

    Children of color can’t afford to be shielded from too much. That’s how these misguided new blacks fall into that “I don’t see color and America isn’t racially divided” bullshit.

    She grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey and her parents probably shielded her from a lot growing up.

    1. I am with you on this. People need to educate their children early so they do not end up with thoughts like Wendy.

  2. She did this to save her show, her sponsorship and her reputation. I’m not impressed. She’s too old to be so damn ignorant.

  3. She can fix her own plate by herself and at a separate table. Jay and Random are right. How old is she to be thinking up this new black type ish?

  4. I think her rant was for her trusty beckies who would think exactly what she said on TV during her rant. She didn’t get the response she was hoping so it backfired. Damage control is real when it comes to those dollar dollar bills. To me, she was flippant and disinterested during the interview with R. Marting; hoping she would impress those she offended. Notice the cameras of the audience showed the mindless older black females clapping in agreement with her statements and Martin’s-probably to show the masses that “hey black women do like me because you can see them clapping for me!” Im not buying it Wendy, sir, not even will monopoly money. She is disconnected, and she is bathing in the hot tub of the majority entertainment handlers who pay her well. Puppetry at its best.

  5. I went to a panel discussion on black issues this evening and what they were speaking on was that the consious among black people are quick to dismiss those who lack it. Someone said that we need ALL black people to build a nation. If she apologized and it was a GENUINE apology, I’m at peace with her. We need to open our minds on an intellectual level and correct and educate those who want to do a better job understanding the plagues that affect our community.

  6. Roland had my eyes glued to the screen. Yea, he gave Wendy a good ol educated dragging.

    Are there really people out here who do not understand why there are schools and institutions designed for us? White people have been had institutions designed for them since the beginning of time, but just without the titles our institutions and organizations have. White America has owned this country, everything was already theirs, but we have to fight and claw to have the same rights they do. It is almost like someone being born with a silver spoon, while everyone else has to work long hours to get half of what they had already handled them.

  7. Wendy has 1 friend at the cookout that is hoping she won’t embarrass her because she is so loose in the mouth. Her friend don’t even hang around her. Just brought her because she wasn’t invited to the white ppl houses.

  8. Boy, I was ready to put Wendy in the same league as Ms.Stacy Dash. Hmm…Now where is Ms. Stacy, she needs a good whooping for her bony ass.

  9. She strikes me as someone who is stupid and quite ignorant of the history of Black people in America. She asked Roland what’s more important Police Brutality or Race. I kept thinking this woman is one ignorant fool. She looks like she’s been through the washing machine and the drier a few times. A mess.

  10. I hope no one tunes into the Wendy Williams Show expecting a history lesson or to gain any useful knowledge. Her show is like flipping thru a US Weekly. Unnecessary, but fun for a brief moment. One thing she hopefully did learn after her comments (and we should all learn) is to keep her mouth shut on issues/histories she hasn’t read up on.

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