Boo Hoo

I read something today that actually made me cry.
me, Jamari Fox, cried long crocodile tears today…..

….because I felt temporarily doomed.

I am here to speak to my discreet brothas in this lifestyle.
Mainly my bottoms, but my TOPS check me out regardless.
I am even here to speak to my females who check me out.
I am here to speak to the submissive.

Listen, I think my goal is to inspire those who feel uninspired.

You see this…

You can have this.

This is NOT a dream or a fantasy.
This is a reality that can be achieved but YOU have to believe it.
I have messed with that before.
I could have had it controlled too,
but I didn’t know who I was to play that game.

There are so many out, D/L, or discreet men
walking around here that look like that.

And if THAT don’t want you,
because he is straight or not attracted to you,
move the hell on to another THAT will.

THAT should not be the main motivation you have in this lifestyle.
Once you start getting your life together and getting who you are in check then THAT, THEM, and ALL will come.

If that egg  head shaped Theodore from the Chipmunks looking mutha fucka can fuck with a NFL football player FOR YEARS, then no reason you shouldn’t – or someone like it.

If that is what you like.

I think the world is obsessed with finding someone, including myself. We put a sign on our heads that says “LOVE ME”, but we need to take that sign off our heads and stick that mutha fucka on the mirror.

…AND do not let the situations of others make YOU. Others experienced what did not work for them and try to make you feel you can’t either. Who is to say it wouldn’t work for you? You may meet a downlow kat who wants to actually be with you, in a relationship that works for you. Life is a risk and in order to play, you need to jump head first for the dice to roll.

So stop taking shit so seriously and live. Being safe of course.

And FUCK THEM who don’t like it.
Tell em Jamari Fox said it.

I like sex. I like good looking men. I like D/L men. I like DISCREET men. I am not OUT. I am a regular type kat. But I also love me and I love you, my Foxes out there checking me out. And this year, 2010, I said we not going to do this.

New ball game.

We aren’t going to kick ourselves down when the world is already doing that.

So, lets get it together.

Later Foxes

3 thoughts on “Boo Hoo

  1. Its difficult to explain that if you work on yourself first, the rest of the good stuff will come. There are plenty of guys out there who feel as though if its so easy… why don’t they have that NOW. How much sifting will have to be done until the right one is uncovered? There are so many men on the internet looking for each other and yet there are so few who’ve actually found anything to hold onto. Its gotten to a point where some people (many who are simply tired of the waiting and disappointments)are just like…. fuck it… and i guess i could understand how they can feel that way. How many more years must pass by, how many more January declarations of “this is the last straw” are going to be said on statuses and blogs before it actually happens? There are so many people out there that ive come across who are all.. new year.. new me… new everything… and end up with more of the same.

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