Convo With Phone Sex X’d Guy

Remember Phone Sex X’d guy?
If not, refresh your memory here—–> Phone X’d

I must have put him in a serious phone lust spell because this here makes no sense.

He hits me up perodically to tell me how good the phone sex was between us.
(side eye)
I am in major shock because I really didn’t do anything dramatic that would cause someone to be hooked.

…. and I would know because phone sex with me can be a little raunchy.

Anyway, peep this convo we had the other night…

Phone Sex Guy: sup man you cant say hi since you got back with your man papi
Phone Sex Guy: sup with that flaco
Jamari Fox: I did
Jamari Fox: I asked u a question
Phone Sex Guy: you did what
Jamari Fox: U never responded
Phone Sex Guy: no you didn’t
Jamari Fox: Yes….
Jamari Fox: I did
Phone Sex Guy: not me i always respond to you
Jamari Fox: Not that time u didnt
Phone Sex Guy: ask again plus how is your married life going

(I lied about being with someone. He can’t seem to understand NO…)

Jamari Fox: “What body picture?”
Jamari Fox: U said my body looked good in my default
Jamari Fox: I don’t have a body pic up or, do I?
Phone Sex Guy: the one on your profile
Jamari Fox: Oh
Phone Sex Guy: i clicked on view your profile and it showed me your pic
Phone Sex Guy: you must have one on yahoo or something regardless its fucking hot papi
Jamari Fox: What do u see in my default?
Jamari Fox: ;). Thanks
Phone Sex Guy: nothing now
Jamari Fox: I have no picture?
Phone Sex Guy: yes you do
Phone Sex Guy: but that other pic made me hot and turned me on and i was just thinking of our hot phone bone when your boy was fucking in the next room and i busted a good nut’
Jamari Fox: U busted another nut thinking about it?
Phone Sex Guy: im looking at it now
Phone Sex Guy: yes
Phone Sex Guy: it was hot
Jamari Fox: Mmm ;;)
Phone Sex Guy: it says “Jamari Fox” and you have no shirt on and your fucking nipples are hot
Jamari Fox: Thanks
Phone Sex Guy: i would nut on your nipples and suck it off real slow
Phone Sex Guy: your welcome papi
Jamari Fox: How freaky
Jamari Fox: How was your Christmas?
Phone Sex Guy: so how is your love life chulo you and your man still working out
Jamari Fox: Its decent
Phone Sex Guy: good got alot of shit
Phone Sex Guy: thats good
Jamari Fox: What did u get?
Phone Sex Guy: let me know when your single i want to take you out to dinner and a movie
Phone Sex Guy: lol
Jamari Fox: Sounds nice
Jamari Fox: Ill keep u informed
Phone Sex Guy: laptop, watch, souround sound boss
Jamari Fox: Hot shit
Phone Sex Guy: i got an mp3 player for my office
Phone Sex Guy: a bunch of shit
Jamari Fox: Your man got it for u? /:)
Phone Sex Guy: im the baby so my brothers and sisters spoil me lol
Phone Sex Guy: my man? please
Jamari Fox: I need to be spoilt
Phone Sex Guy: i have no man im not a one night stand like most guys like
Jamari Fox: Nice
Phone Sex Guy: no your nice
Phone Sex Guy: wish i had you for christmass i would of been  very happy
Jamari Fox: (wink)
Jamari Fox: Well lemme go finish cooking
Jamari Fox: Hit me up later
Phone Sex Guy: :-* u know i would of sucked you dry
Phone Sex Guy: ok papi take care one
Jamari Fox: Um ok bye


I like to flirt.
And again,
you see I wasn’t giving my all…

What gets me
is he has an impression of what I look like,
but he is still a:

Did I phone sex The Invisible Man?


Later Foxes

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