Niggas With Clits

(wait tho, why does he… or she remind me of:

LOLOL Anyway back to being mad….)


I am tired of these niggas with their simp ass attitudes.

I know we are all gay, bi, tri, or whatever.
But why does it seem more niggas these days are so bitch made?
Is it that is only noticing this?
Even straight boys got a hint of bitch in em.

Attitudes for no reason?
Back stabbing?
Funny acting?
Want to fight at the drop of a dime?
Smart ass remarks?

You acting like a straight brawd.
A female with muscles.
Nigga with a clit.

However way you slice it,
It is pathetic.

I know we all have bad days and the occasional mood swing.
Jamari has his attitudes,
but when you just a straight BITCH for no reason,
then that is an issue for me.

I’m convinced niggas have periods too –
just without the bleeding and clean up.

If thats the case,
pop a Midol and go sit on a heating pad.


Later Foxes

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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