X Marks The F0x: Gabby? WHY?

I got love for my big girls.

Big and bubbly,
like Precious star Gabby Sidibe…


Who is managing this girl?

Me says =

Why do they have her going to events looking like that?

I love her and all that positive energy she gives out….
….but I see her getting type casted QUICK.

Hollywood is going to have her playing the “fat girl”
if she doesnt loose all that weight.
that isn’t healthy.

… and her style is to the left, way to the left….
So far to the left,
I want it to be right.


2 thoughts on “X Marks The F0x: Gabby? WHY?

  1. I know! What saves her for me though is her personality, passion and energy for life so I look past the bag handling.
    I must say that thinks are looking up, just caught a glimpse of her on the carpet.

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