he knows what we want and he won’t give it to us

the following made me want to ask The Foxhole a question…

Is sex work the toughest gig to bust into?

pun absolutely intended.
in a content driven forest where your updates is king,
the more you invest,
the more you reap the rewards.
if you’re known for giving less and potentially scamming tho,
just like in any career,
you won’t last long and and your reputation will take a hit.
it made me wonder about the following wolf-but always a-jackal and his content

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I Hope You Will Stick Around After You Pull Out…

tumblr_mp4bznZ5tf1qjm9bpo1_500“come here baby.
aww look at you.
you know you bring joy into my life?
yup, you.
i thought i would be alone forever,
but you made me see otherwise.
you take care of me.
you protect me.
you love me.
i know.
i know baby.
your kisses are so wet!
hold on…
let me put some food in your bowl.
who is daddy good boy?”

moka-happy-dog3that’s your story.
couple years from now.
talking to your only companion in this world.
your dog.
somewhere along the line,
you gave up on the hope of finding someone.
you became bitter and sad.
you were either too picky,
too hoish,
too stuck up,
too negative,
too angry,
too annoying,
too crazy,
…too something.
it has left you sitting there,
getting ready to watch another reality show,
with something that sits and barks on command.
proud of yourself?
are you satisfied with that?
have you come to the conclusion that would be your future?
or does that make you want to vomit?
i had to ask,
when you look at your life now..

Do you think you will die alone?

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Does Anyone Know Where My Knee Pads Went?

tumblr_lv8km5DGkc1qfm2v7o1_500god is interesting.
he really is, ain’t he?
i went to bed asking god:

“what do you want from me?
i do everything i’m suppose to do,
i have proven myself to be a good person.
what do you want from me?”

i seem to be in a season of destruction,
rather than a season of blessings.
the last year has been emotionally tough.
its like i’m a farmer and all my crops keep getting destroyed.
every time i think i’m going towards a new season,
i plant new seeds for fresh harvest.
i water them and just wait.
more bullshit.
no reign.
i woke up this morning and gave god thanks allowing me to see another day.
i usually go through my emails,
read the comments from the night before,
and check the news while in bed.
something inside told me to stop and go to spiritualinspiration.
i see this:

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Boo Hoo

I read something today that actually made me cry.
me, Jamari Fox, cried long crocodile tears today…..

….because I felt temporarily doomed.

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