Your Eleventh Thought… (11)

Here is another exciting match up…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Your Eleventh Thought… (11)”

  1. Thats a lotta girl, but dude appears to handle her dam well, i bet he diggz her out dam good, and the neighbors get a listening treat every night.

  2. Doug used to be the shit, 80s baby 90s kid! She has nice legs and butt but she too big for him. It would look waaaaaaay better with me on that sexy man.

  3. He is really good looking but he is STRUGGLING to hold that BIG BIG LADY up……..wait, I take that LADY back….what is that tatted on her leg, that is a no no, BIG BIG……..

  4. Dayum, he’s strong! Wonder what the whole package looks like? And why is she wearing that blonde nest on her head?

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