You Need My Credit Score For Me To Get A Job????

18ix6tx7w48nhjpgso okay…
i need some help.
so i got an email earlier about me being accepted for a job.
well here is the email

Thank you for applying for the opening ‘Receptionist Required’ this position is currently listed in Manhattan, New York with a pay of $37,000.

We have completed our initial review of the applications, and are happy to inform you that you have been accepted by our client for a further interview.

This stage closes on Friday, January 31st at 9pm, so its very important you complete the online screening before this date, submissions after this date will not be accepted. Your interview will be scheduled for the following week.

Please be sure to set aside at least 10 minutes to complete the submission. You will not be able to restart the process, it can only be completed once. Once submitted we will contact you within a few days to arrange your interview date. Please be sure to complete all parts of the screening. Incomplete screenings will be not be accepted.

We recommend that you complete the screening on a computer, rather than a mobile phone or tablet, to ensure that you can complete the process.

okay cool.
i turn on my classical music playlist on spotify and i get to work.
i fill out all the information they need.
they also had some interview questions as well that i answered the best to my ability.
at the end of it,
they asked me when i want to schedule the interview and when can i start work.
yay right?
well don’t “yay” yet.
this comes up after i hit “submit”:

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 8.26.58 PM9lkYQFHwhen i googled the ( x company ),
nothing showed up.
i never had a job ask me for my credit score before.
is this the new “thing”?
i thought i’d ask the f-bi first.
┬ásomething inside me isn’t feelin’ it.

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16 thoughts on “You Need My Credit Score For Me To Get A Job????”

  1. Sounds suspicious to me. They don’t have a contact number for you to call. I’ve never had a job ask that. All they should need is your social security number to do a background check.

  2. Don’t complete it. It’s a scam. I read about those awhile ago. They set them up to steal your information. They usually post for standard positions like administrative assistants, receptionists, etc.

  3. thanks everyone who answered.
    so it has come to this?
    we can’t even fill out for jobs without someone trying to scam.
    this is like the 2nd scam ive encountered.
    the first is me paying 200 in order to get trained.

  4. Yes, be careful. However, some jobs now require credit checks to gain employment. Shyt in the Army, we require one every 5 years in order to maintain your position as well.

  5. Personally, I wouldn’t advise you to give them any more information. The run on sentences are a red flag. I spotted commas where new sentences were supposed to be started. After residency, it says “in order.” That should be a new sentence. Criminals aren’t the best writers, and job descriptions and any type of instructions have to be error free.

    Did they mean Rodgers or Rogers, I can’t.

    Where did you hear about this job anyway?

    1. ^yeah!
      i noticed that too man!
      that first sentence especially.
      they randomly sent me a email.
      i thought maybe it was because i’m on monster,
      but the subject email was:

      Re: Interview Booking for Receptionist Required

      i never got an email to even get a “re”.

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