Go To Hell

tumblr_lt82s0D6Ar1qg39ewo1_500the light skin mafia weeps.
after watching ahs: coven season finale last night,
i was left pondering something that happened within the episode.
it was in regards to what hell” is like…

from what was said by myrtle,
“hell” was a personal experience/nightmare that brought you great fear in waking life.
they all had to go to their “hells” and come out quickly as one of the tests to be supreme.
so for precious queenie,
her “hell” was working at the chicken shack by herself with a never ending line.

tumblr_n088sxNGPz1r3ic7po3_500did she even get a break?
misty’s “hell” was a test of her kindness and love for animals.
it took her back to being a child and having to dissect a frog in biology class.
tumblr_n088sxNGPz1r3ic7po1_500sadly she is stuck in limbo since she couldn’t let the frog die.
tumblr_n08l64L48c1rtydnpo1_250they tell us that when when we do wrong,
or how some of us were born,
god will deport us to this fiery pit where we work on a chain gang all day.
is that really “hell” tho?
could “hell” be a place where you are have to experience your greatest nightmares?
over and over and over…
and over…
and over…
wouldn’t it be funny if all the homophobes “hell” was getting fucked in the ass,
or forced to fuck a man,
everyday on a continuous loop?

if god really hates “us”,
like the bible thumpers like to say,
are we really going to “hell”?
or are the ones shouting “we” are going to “hell” really the ones going?
so if “we” are really going to “hell”,
and hell is really a bad dream that never ends

What would your “hell” be like?

lowkey: i think for some,
“hell” would be living eternity…. alone.
for the jackals and hyenas
a lonely homophobic place of constant torment.
that episode was a real mind fuck for me.
i like that shit.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Go To Hell”

  1. I have a few as well,

    1.) Having my crush turn me down and than having everyone know about it (it’s happen recently) on a loop.

    2.) Being alone in my house and never able to leave while life passes me by.

    3.) Being forgotten about from everyone I know.

  2. I have a couple. When I was a child I used to dream about the Ku Klux Klan dragging me out of house in the middle of the night and lynching me.

    Then there’s the one where I’m chained to a chair in some dark dungeon and every person that’s ever rejected or mistreated me takes turns violently and psychologically torturing me.

    Another one is where I’m in a crowd and I’m calling out to people I know but they keep walking.

  3. My hell would probably be… I don’t know that’s a hard one.I don’t mind being alone so I’d love to be like Will Smith in I Am Legend.I’ll have to come back to this.

    1. would you find this scary zen?
      being locked in a room with a tv for 10 years.
      not even being able to come out but seeing life pass you by…

  4. maine is my hell lol.
    but my hell would either never seeing my mom again.
    or being ugly & fat for all eternity.
    what is your hell, Jamari?

    1. ^i think my hell would be reliving the days of my father,
      and star fox deaths.
      another would be living in a world where i was completely alone.
      no one to talk to or call.
      kinda like that one movie with will smith,
      i am legend.
      i have a lot of nightmares and fears,
      but those stand out.

    2. ^i personally think it’s hell on earth.
      many of us are living in hell right now.
      many use attention whoring to escape their hells.
      which is why they can never be alone.

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