You Are So Fucked Up

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working at this job i’m at now,
celebrities and baller wolves in the news,
and even being on social media
everyone is a little (or alot) fucked up.
i use to think everyone besides me was perfect.
it was like i looked in the mirror and my flaws were enhanced.
i spent my life trying to be flawless,
saying the “right” thing,
careful not to offend people,
and OD judging myself harshly for my mistakes.
mistakes that brought about my biggest blessings.
the crazy part about all of that was everyone that was around me
those same people i tried desperately to impress…
the ones who judged and talked about me…
they were all completely FUCKED UP!!!!
like as soon as their secrets came out in the wash,
i wanted to drown myself for even giving a fuck in the first place.
irony and karma have been my greatest allies in this journey of mine.
now i just wait for it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “You Are So Fucked Up”

  1. This thing we called life is not easy by any means for any of us, and add being gay to the mix and you have it 10 times worse. Not only are you up against the str8 world who hates your guts you are up against Gay men who are supposed to be allies but are usually your worse enemy, they are always trying to bring you down, most are nothing more than bullies.

    I remember when I first start going out to gay clubs, I saw some boys who were drop dead gorgeous with bodies and mugs out of this world. Secretly I would want to be them or at least have their sex appeal to attract men and be the object of any mans desire. At the time I was young and insecure not knowing my own worth. But as the story played out and I began to notice that those pretty boys couldnt handle the attention of being popular, so they used sex, drugs to cover up their issues. I found many of them had some fucked up childhoods and family lives, they were just blessed to be attractive but were no different from anybody else. This lifestyle pushes attractiveness and the superficial so much that we all began to believe and fall for the hype of pretty boys, thinking somehow, those tight toned bodies, big dicks and pretty faces make them immune to problems. As time went on, I began to see many of them become not so pretty, many succumb to disease, drug overdoses, prison and the list can go on. It’s nothing sadder than a popular pretty boy who gets older and loses his shine. I realized that I was doing the right thing by playing it safe and being humble, trying to treat people right. Im not perfect by any means but I have love for my fellow man, and I am blessed to still be here to tell the story.

    Its a popular wolf in my city, who has even been featured on the Foxxhole, well I may be a little off the mark, because the more I see him, the more I am thinking he just look like a wolf and he is a pure foxx. But I digress, well this dude is gorgeous and I cant lie, I even have a little crush on him, but he is arrogant as fuck. He wears designer clothes, has all the latest Jordan’s etc, drives a 50,000 luxury ride. Well someone I know told me the real, how he can barely pay his bills, how he uses friends, and lovers to get over because of his good looks. As we have said so many times on here the prettiest people have the ugliest lives.

    1. ^love this comment t.
      see the foxhole strives on being a no flex zone out of insecurity.
      these potential jackals play too much in these streets and wonder why people talk about them so bad.

    2. You are so right!!!!, When I was younger I thought like that. I was attractive and still am. Had a slammin body, still do, for a man my age, but life has taught me that looks and physique aren’t everything ,you have to look deeper. Those superficial things won’t last forever. You need to rely on your inner qualities such as honesty, patience, tenacity respect, strength and quality of character, and most of all GOD. Those are the things that will get you through this life.

  2. Yes, everyone has his little quirks, foibles and idiosyncrasies. If you like the person, you will. If you like the person, you’ll likely find those things to be charming and no big deal. If you don’t like the person, you’ll likely find those things to be annoying and insufferable. Such is the way of the world.

    Life is “easy” for few. But a few things give advantages: Handsomeness, Money, Athletic ability, Intelligence. If you have all four, then the world can be your playground–relatively speaking.

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