You Are NOT Born Gay Because You Have To Be Turned Out To Join!

i ain’t say it.
she did:

sandra-roseeveryone meet sandra rose.
messy blog stress extraordinaire.
she says that you cannot be born gay.
it just happens along the way…

I am living proof that gays are not born. As a child I had a healthy interest in boys. I had no interest in girls, which resulted in some awkward situations for me when I rejected them. I had no clue what homosexuality was. So, in my mind, their sexual advances were linked with aggression, which further alienated me and them.

Shortly after I moved to Miami when I was 12, I was relentlessly pursued and harassed for sex by female teachers at the schools I attended. One female substitute teacher slow chased me in her car, from the middle school, through the streets, all the way home. To say I was frightened out of my skull is an understatement.

I thought I was a track star, because I got so good at running from pedophiles who were entrusted with the responsibility to educate students.

I finally stopped running at age 15, when I became involved in an emotionally dysfunctional, 2-year relationship with the 31-year-old female assistant principal of my high school in Miami. It was my first lesbian relationship.

I told you my personal story because it’s important for you parents to understand what’s occurring in your child’s schools. Workshops like the Red Hook presentation are designed to break down the defenses in children who are still in their formative years.

My story proves that a heterosexual child’s psychosexual development can be altered by her environment.


on another side of messy of the world,
tmz asked antoine dodson about being gay:

TMZ: “Do you believe homosexuality is a choice?”
Dodson: “I feel like homosexuality is put on people at early ages the things we see and hear and what’s exposed to us.”

TMZ: “How do you feel about sex with women?”
Dodson: “Sex with women is not new to me. It was fun. I did get enjoyment out of it. I was hurt by a woman as a teen.”

TMZ: “Do you think homosexuality can be ‘cured?'”
Dodson: “I believe when you get to a certain age, you feel different about things and things change, you begin to want more.”


Whitneylaughwas it with a transexual?
ugh inside voice.
well i know being gay wasn’t something i concocted.
i wasn’t molested either.
my parents did not like the gay lifestyle.
i’m sure if they were alive,
i would have to have twenty passwords on my laptop.
i have messed with vixens,
but i always had a “feeling” about wolves.
especially in gym class.
thats when it started my love for athletes.
being gay is not the “easiest” lifestyle.
all the torment and loneliness.
it also isn’t guaranteed success either.
why would anyone just up and “choose” to be gay?
just randomly they woke up and said:

“ya know what?
it’s 80 degrees.
sun is shining and i just got paid.
i feel like being gay today!”

there are so many wolves,
and hybrids killing themselves over not accepting being gay.
so many people who are fighting their demons by being homophobic.
maybe i’m wrong,
but i do believe people are born gay.


lowkey: can someone explain how someone getting turned out makes them gay?
i always wondered that.

45 thoughts on “You Are NOT Born Gay Because You Have To Be Turned Out To Join!

  1. First of all, I refuse to support Sandra Rose because she is such a nasty person, but that story seem like one of the lies she writes on her blog. I have never understood how when people say things like this, why were they singled out of everybody, this story sounds like pure Bullshit, of all the girls in the school, they only pursued you day and night but you did not want it. She sounds like those dudes who accused the Elmo guy, enhancing what really went on after the fact and blaming the innocence of their youth, when they were not so innocent if the truth be told. There were no other adults, parents etc she could have informed of all this harassment and you were 15yrs old on top of that, what 15yr does something they don’t want to do. Personally these stories sound like a cop out and excuses to fool yourself why you like the same sex. Antoine Dobson seems to have a case of attention whoredom, now that his 15minutes have been long up, he needs to invent a new gimmick to get people talking about him again and his name in the spotlight, he is addicted to the fame, at no point am I buying his bullshit either, both of these charlatans need to have a seat and stop the lies! At this point it doesn’t matter whether I was born this way or not, I’m here and I have to deal with my deep attraction to the same sex because its not going away.

  2. I’ve always been the playboy type. used to mess with the girls in our yard, from a YOUNG age. (single digits). We would play mum and dad and tell the little kids it was sleep time (every damn time!!!!) In school one time this girl ebi, we were desk mates and we put our heads down on the table and i asked her to kiss me she said the teacher would know and i told her no problem, i fingered her in class. Hell I was turned out both ways. I lost my virginity to the girl that used to live with us, she was 15+ i was younger than 11, she asked me if i wanted to know what my mum and dad did at night i said yes she instructed me to put my dick in her and it was kinda nasty i swear i would count 1-50 cus i dint want to do it (after i liked it though the first time we did she turned it into a hobby that chick was freaky and horny af, she told me she did this with her brother. dint process it till now) i mean i did stuff with girls prior but this was the first time i stuck my dick in anything. first gay shit i remember was my older 3rd cousin in the 9th grade would come to my house and play wrestle with me, he would call me his lil wifey and one time after we played football outside he took me inside and took a shower with me, in the shower he kept telling me how “pretty” i was and how soft and smooth my body was. When I was in school in the 5th grade this kid harrison and mel would kid play on who would marry me first. One day after school shit I and mel were the only ones in class we were waiting to get picked up from school and mel walked straight up to me to kiss me i still remember how fast my heart was beating in that damn class, it dint happen though i think someone came around and he ran out the class and we never spoke about it again. Over time I just for some reason had all these extra super macho guys who took special liking to me and would either call me a play wifey or their “lil bro” and they liked taking care of me and pampering me and i guess turned me out as that’s why i don’t even think I like guys like that, it;s like i’ve neer had to make a decision to WANT guys i’ve just so been whisked and pampered away by guys that by default it almost seems like yeah i like guys and girls. If it boil down to it, I kinda prefer females, so yeah maybe the turn out part might have at least a lil truth to it.

    1. Goooooooot DAMN. Why you lyin Davon? You can’t be serious dude. If all that happened to me I would be committed. If I could travel back in time with you I probably would be traumatized. Geez. I guess you never know people got going on.

      1. Traumatized? What for shorty? It wasn’t rape or none of that >I mean I had whatever I wanted before I wanted it. I dated girls and the dudes I messed with had girls too. They simply just liked taking care of me idk

      2. traumatized? lol now u make it sound ike its crazy or what.. i mean the first girl…this is too much for just posting out here

      3. It sounds like the 15 year old was taking advantage you, and that shit with your cuz was just outta control. I would told somebody about that lol. When I was in 5th grade boys weren’t doing that shit you described. When I read that, I said to myself “where did they do that at?”

        You must be pretty like a female for dudes to be actin like that.

      4. i told my best friend kenneth in 5th grade about it, and some other friends, they laughed about it and I did too, i did think of it like taking advantage to some point and i can almost swear her pussy stank ,or maybe it was just her pussy which was fucking steady wet . some times after the first 3 times she would come to me for that and i just would not be feeling that. My cousin tho turned me OUT. I can almsot swear i got turned on by him. LOL . Like i would be playing with girls and when he came to my house I would just wanna go “play wrestle” with him. he had like a jr smith swag going on and was tall as fuck. as i got older up to the 9th grade i actually tasted my first dick from him and he had a musk that made me almost swoon and pass out from being too turned on.. 6th-12th grade though whew! that was something else. I think that’s why at this point i;m not hype about anything. It’s like been there done that. so that’s why i can smell bullshit a mile away. don’t care for dress up thugs, or the bottoms who want anything with length and girth. so yea, MAN you got me fucking talking all through,

      5. i think I’m growing from my “pretty” face to a more manly face now haha. my friend austin, had his buddy from back home Abu who had the preeeeeeeettiest face ever i swear, we would call him dorm babe (since dorms were for guys only, and he was the only “female” in the dorm) he walked like a chick, spoke like one and looked like one. And I knowwww Abu was getting piped down .. SURRREEEEE. I wasn’t attracted to him but shooooo he was a gatdamn preeeetttyy boooooiiiii

  3. Even though some of it is problematic, I have to agree with the “Kinsey Scale” and “Kinsey Reports” in some regards to how we make sense of sexuality. I don’t know if people are born predisposed to being straight or gay; however, I do believe there are a combination of factors that make us attracted to different sexes.

    While I don’t think you can choose your sexuality, I DO BELIEVE/KNOW that you can choose what type of lifestyle or social role you want to perform for other people. I may have an attraction for men, but choose to live a straight lifestyle. I may have an attraction for women, but choose to live a gay lifestyle. I mean, isn’t this where the entire D/L idea comes from, anyway? Thinking in terms of a binary that things are either white or black, that people are either straight or gay, seems to fuck up a lot of people like me in the middle who don’t identify 100% with either the straight or gay lifestyles…..

    **for the record, today is one of those days I love wolves lol**

    I hear what you saying “Antione Dodson,” but just because you want to live a publicly “straight” lifestyle still doesn’t convince me that you are done with the pipe game. Just because you’re not actively having male-on-male sex, doesn’t mean you: A) Are not attracted to men B) Are done with the pipe/dick game C) Find joy in eating da’ box or D) Are any more or less masculine **blank stare**

    Speaking only for myself, whatever lifestyle I choose to live publicly does not dictate what or who makes me “horny.”

  4. Jay needs a Care Bear stare. Pronto.

    Asexuality sounds dreadful.

    Chemical castration might be an option if you want your sex drive murdered.

    Or you can go head and bust you some nuts safely and stop acting bat shit crazy.

    Every man is not gonna hurt you.

    Like I said before: repression builds aggression.

    One day you will tear someone a new asshole–literally–anal fissures are no laughing matter.

    Jesetting millionaires be fucking. If broke dudes find the time to skeet, those with paper are smashing too.


    Jay take your ass to law school. Use your super powers for good.

    1. Chemical castration may be an option as I get older, after having kids.

      I prefer believing every man will hurt you if given the opportunity, makes you want to punch them in the face on site. Lol

      I’m doing well with my MMA training so my trainer wants to sign me up for a fight. I may do it just to punch and kick someone a dude. Lol

  5. @Jamari: I hate when people say that! I have.
    I want the expectation removed though.
    You see despite all the bullshit, there’s still some resilience and hope in me, some part of me that will still let you in.

    Put my feet in the stirrups and take it out! Reach down my throat and rip it the fuck out! Then I’ll be able to move on and experience some type of contentment.

      1. I’m good now. No mating urges at all. All I have to do is keep telling myself every single man on this Earth is the same as the most conniving, heartless man I’ve ever encountered and the urges fade and I just give them a look that can make them burst into flames.

        I’m reserving all that rage and anger for the next dude I fight.

      2. One thing I do agree on is that gay/dl/curious/bi is the same all over the world. Granted i’ve travelled but not to ALL over the world but in the countries i’ve lived in, thinking back it’s the same thing. So yes some people MAY have been that way from young i’ve heard of kids from 5. I’m noone to judge that

  6. That’s bull. No one turned me out. I wasn’t born this way, I feel like I slowly turned over a period of time. When I hit around and 11, that’s when shit started kickin into high gear. I noticed when dudes would take of their shirts I would be desperate to look, and even though I was still skirt chasing I had a wondering eye for them too. When I hit 13, it got worse, and I still had girlfriends lol.

    At the end of it, I really don’t know how I ended up this way, it’s strange. However, when my mother was carrying me she was sick so she was on a lot of medication, she almost lost me twice. I think the medication could have contributed to it, but I wasn’t born this way so it’s a tough call. A pregnant woman on medication can alter things.

  7. @Jamari: If I could get past the mating urges I have every few weeks, I could be a reclusive, jetsetting millionaire by now. No other use for people or friends outside of my immediate family anymore.

    1. ^note to self:
      use “mating urges” in a sentence this week.

      you can still be a reclusive jet setting millionaire with mating urges tho LOL
      it’s not like you are spending money to get some ass from men.
      women nowadays want a sandwich before they open their “pocket book” to you.

      1. The mating urges would always be a thorn that could eventually become my downfall. Get rid of them.

        The peanuts and superheads and black twinks can walk on by. Nothing for you here.

        That’s not the main point though. I want zero romantic feelings or expectation of romantic feelings for anyone.

        Give me that pill and I’d take it.

        1. ^damn jay.
          no one can survive in this world without love.
          i really hope you meet someone that turns you out to love.
          im excited to see what those comments/blog post will be like.

          1. ^there is a baller wolf who plays in the nfl.
            allegedly he was really homophobic,
            was always fighting someone,
            and fighting those internal demons.
            well he met someone who made him see that he could be loved.
            wasn’t gonna give up on him.
            he let he happen and they haven’t been apart since.

            I know this sounds trite,
            but finding someone to love you is the most amazing feeling.

      2. You want to be loved. You’re not fooling anyone Jay. You’re just tough to crack. Everyone wants love. For one, you have to open yourself up, and that’s something I think you’re not doing.

  8. They both are full of shit.

    I was molested at 3. I recognize it was wrong, but even at that age I knew I liked it.

    Good luck to both of them.

    1. Wait a minute. What?! Gay or not I still wouldn’t like being molested.

      1. I was 3, dude. It was a friend (read: smoking partner) of my parents that I looked up to. I had no idea what molested was in 1981.

        When it almost happened again at 6, I knew it was wrong. It was a family member this time, and I tried to spike his vodka with Clorox afterwards. He survived, but he also never touched me again.

        I didn’t like being molested, but I always knew I liked men. Always. And I didn’t recognize anybody as gay until I was 19.

  9. @Jamari: A pill that would make me asexual altogether would be even better. I guess that would do for now though.

  10. I just find it hard to grasp that once a baby pops out of a vagina his/her fate is sealed.

    As a realist, I’m much more inclined to believe our early experiences and the way we’re nurtured affect who and what we’re attracted to.

    Research has has shown it may be a chemical thing in the womb though. That brings up a whole different issue of whether parents can give doctors the okay to manipulate those chemicals to make sure their baby isn’t gay.

      1. I don’t even think it’s a Christian thing, so much as I want my children to procreate and give me grandchildren and be “normal”. Even people who aren’t religious want that.

  11. Bullshit.

    There are gay children and gay virgins.

    Straight is not a default position.

    Children of all orientations are raped.

    Why use a nonconsensual act to define involuntary biological function?

    If you liked your molestation that’s something to sort out with a trained therapist.

    Sandra Rose and Antoine should stick to gossip and jingles and leave sexuality out of it; they should bitter, ignorant, and confused. Unfortunately there are too many gays and lesbians like this. Mentally unstable and angry at the world.

    Too many rape victims taking out there anger on innocent people. Everyone discusses religion as a culprit for homophobia but unaddressed rape issues in childhood, and later, plays a role as well.

    Hope they find an end to their sufferings, but please save the bullshit, read a book or two, or something.

  12. I wish people would speak for themselves. I believe people like Sandra Rose and Antoine Dodson are confused in their own truth and that is truly sad.

    I was never molested and knew since I was a little boy I was ‘different’. I always had an attracting to boys and did sissy shit.

    In Sandra’s case she was molested which confused her and probably scarred her from men. The stories varies but many people like her exist today.

    In Antoine’s case, he is still trying to find some peace within himself. I don’t know him personally but he is searching from some spiritual guidance and those Hebrew Israelite are taking advantage of him. I bet if they told him to drink some cyanide laced koolaid to be close to Allah or whatever, he would.

    I think Sandra needs counseling because her pain shows through on her blog and it’s sad. I also think that her motives are dangerous because it’s only going to create even more havoc.

    Just pray for these folks man…

    1. yea…i def agree with you. The pain for them is obviously glaring! And as the saying goes, “hurt people, HURT people.” So, they (or people like them) have the potential to create, as you said, even more havoc!

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